The Stars Are Right: Letter To Candide October 29, 1932

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Dear Candide,

I hope this letter finds you safe and well my friend. Adela and I are fine. I am writing you this letter to invite you to join us on a quest. If we are successful we may be able to heal much that ails the Seelie Court. It is a real longshot, but we have to try.

I can't imagine attempting this endeavor without your assistance. I have come to rely on your strength and wise counsel. Given the sensitive nature and need for secrecy I would prefer not to go into all the details until we meet in person. Please don't tell anyone that we contacted you.

We will be leaving New York by ship on November 5th or 6th and arriving in Marseilles on November 12th and then on to Lyon on November 14th. Please let us know if you can meet us at one of these locations. The courier will wait for your reply.

Your Friend,

JT Williams