The Stars Are Right: Peter Fagin

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Peter Fagin

Peter Fagin[edit]

Originally a guard to the Romanov royal household under a different name, became obsessed with Hannelore Rhyner when their paths crossed in 1915. He spirited away Alexis Romanoff from the house the Romanoffs were imprisoned in just before the family's murder. Taking the name of Peter Fagin when he became one of the Nightfolk, Fagin raised Alexis with the eventual goal of placing him on the Russian throne again. Fagin was the Nightfolk that passed the vampire contagion on to Hannelore Rhyner, and located Hannelore's half-sister Ineska. Fagin was killed by Maturine de Bonnevault in 1930.



Rhyner, Hannelore
Romanoff, Alexis
Romanoff, Ineska