The Stars Are Right: Seelie Court

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Seelie Court

The community of those infected with the necrophage and their friends and family. Although styled after Irish folklore, the court was only founded in 1931, after Hannelore Rhyner assumed the "throne" and introduced a new, more viable strain of the virus. This new strain allowed the infected to retain their fertility and had a much lower fatality rate. The Court is located somewhere in New Jersey, and can be reached through obscure means that have something to do with the couriers.

A helpful glossary of terms used by the Seelie.




  • The Couriers
    A group of fully infected community members who deliver messages and packages throughout the world. They have access to some kind of network that allows them to travel great distances in very short periods of time. There are three, who keep different routes.
    • Delphinus, courier whose route includes Detroit.