The Stars Are Right: The Irish Rose: Letter1

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January 15, 1931

Aboard SS Valle Sere

Mssr. de Bonnevault—

In accordance with your instruction, I enclose here for you both observations and information regarding Mdm. Weiss.
We arrived in Paris upon January 9, coming, as you know, direct from the Community in Lyon by rail. It was apparent at our departure that Mdm. Weiss was uncomfortable and not reconciled to our presence. All of us — with the predicted exception of Petit-Jean — made effort to be as unobtrusive as possible.
After examination of our suite at Hotel Victories, Mssr. Gautier agreed with my assessment that the rooms were secure — though not as easily defendable as we might require. After discussion between Mme. Flynn, Mssr. Gautier and myself — we concluded that moving to better-situated rooms would place further strain between Mdm. Weiss and ourselves. Mssr. Gautier assured us that he would be able to make such preparations as required to assure safety.
I, myself, completed our arrangements for ship-bound travel to the United States, booking for us a departure on the evening of January 12.
On the evening of January 11, Mssr. Gautier accepted a telephone communication for Mdm. Weiss, from Mssr. Antonio Grimaldi. As we knew this gentleman as an associate of Mdm. Weiss' husband, we allowed Mssr. Grimaldi to speak directly with Mdm. Weiss. It is noted that Mssr. Grimaldi expressed obvious surprise on discovering Mdm. Weiss traveling dans un family. [in the family]
Mssr. Grimaldi asked for, and received a dinner engagement with Mdm. Weiss for that evening. We determined that it would be to future advantage to maintaining a cordial atmosphere, and did not prevent this social meeting. However Mssr. Gautier and Petit-Jean attached themselves at a discreet distance without Mdm. Weiss' knowledge.
Mssr. Grimaldi called for Mdm. Weiss at Hotel Victories. They were driven directly to Le Cadeau de Earth, a restaurant near the Montparnasse. Mssr. Gautier observed that during dinner their conversation appeared both animated and intimate, and that several times during the engagement Mssr. Grimaldi took Mdm. Weiss' hand in his and was not rebuffed.
Upon leaving Le Cadeau de Earth, about 2 and 1/2 hours later, they chose to walk along the river, engaged in further conversation. Mssr. Grimaldi often took Mdm. Weiss' elbow to steady her progress. It was also observed that Mssr. Grimaldi placed his arm about Mdm. Weiss' waist as they walked.
During one occasion the conversation appeared to cause Mdm. Weiss some distress, but as there was not threat to her physical safety, Mssr. Gautier chose not to intervene.
After about 2 hours, Mssr. Grimaldi and Mdm. Weiss returned to the hired car, within which she was driven back to Hotel Victories. Mssr. Grimaldi took his leave in the lobby, where he was allowed the liberty of kissing her hand and cheek before departing.
There has been no further direct communication from Mssr. Grimaldi, save for the delivery of four dozen white roses to our ship stateroom, bearing a card with his name.
Our arrival on shipboard the evening of January 12 was uneventful, and while Mme. Flynn assisted Mdm. Weiss with personal tasks within the stateroom — Mssr. Gautier and Petit-Jean ascertained that neither other Fae, nor anyone of interet unique [unique interest] was aboard.
During our four nights upon the ship, Mdm. Weiss has been subjected to an array of social invitations. All those requiring attendance during daylight hours have been politely rejected by her own hand.
Mme. Flynn has discussed with Mdm. Weiss the wisdom of accepting some engagements in order to avoid too much speculative curiosity on the part of other passengers. With much reluctance Mdm. Weiss has agreed to a minimum of such appearances — and those admitted to within her circle will be thoroughly examined by Mssr. Gautier prior to any direct meeting.
I fear now, that I much touch on a more personal subject regarding Mdm Weiss — that of Communion. As instructed we are prepared to encourage Mdm. Weiss to regard us si nous etions son family. [as if we were her family] Given our knowledge of the interaction in Lyon, it is unlikely that Mme. Flynn — however most perfect — will be engaged in this capacity. Indeed, based on my personal observations of this past week — any such suggestion from Mme. Flynn or ourselves — would be met with horrified refusal. It then remains to Mssr. Gautier or myself to broach this subject to Mdm. Weiss, and as Mssr. Gautier is charged to oversee the physical safety of us all — I have assumed by default the responsibility.
It is unfortunate that while in Lyon, I was unable to establish a deeper acquaintance with Mdm. Weiss. I am at a disadvantage in knowing what is the most acceptable course of action as regards her. You will understand my concern, when I assure that since leaving Lyon on January 8, Mdm. Weiss has not looked to her own needs in this regard.
It is clear that Mdm. Weiss mourns, rather than celebrates, the acceptance of Mssr. Steele into the company of the Fae. I believe this to be the basis of her unnatural and unhealthy abstinence. For now, I wish to employ no methods that will cause her to distrust us, but should there be suspicion of a growing crisis we are all prepared to do what is required to prevent Mdm. Weiss lasting harm.
I have appended to this letter a summary listing of correspondence. I have not examined personal correspondence, and will not do so unless directed by you.

Your servant,

Mssr. F. Huber.