The Tail End Inn and Bath House

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Manager: Benjamin Greywood

Staff: The Seven Shifters

Thanks to Alurra's help in redesigning the formerly rundown building, the Inn has developed a distinctly Sarlonian look and atmosphere. As fitting for any home away from home for weary travelers, it is an inviting and comfortable place with an attached hotspring bath house to soothe aching bones.

The place can be rowdy at times, as the staff tend to be overly affectionate of their Manager, often causing problems for the poor man. For some reason, most male patrons have no problems with overexcited Cat Shifters bouncing around. However, the roughousing tends to cause damage often, and Ben can often be found repairing anything from the ceiling to the doors. He's gotten quite good at it lately.


The area in front of the Inn is a lavish garden area, tastefully arranged to frame visitors view of the Inn as they pass beneath the cherry trees intermixed with various local flora. The policy is "look, don't touch", as some of the plants are carnivorous in order to control insects.

Especially that one with the spiked tentacles. You probably want to give that one a wide berth...

Just don't take your cue on the current safety of the area from Kisa. She treats them all with love and snuggles as she gathers herbs. If the plants could blush and swoon from sweetness, they would.


The rooms vary from single to family size, but the furnishings do not vary much. The beds are soft, the rooms are temperature controlled (who need AC when you've got a Druid?), and room service is available, brought in the form of a hot catgirl.


The hotspring is divided into male and female areas, and these can be further divided upon request. Being an open area where people generally go to get naked, peeping Tom's (male and female) are a concern. Most offenders are caught quickly by Mihoshi's traps, Hannah's nose (and subsequently her fists), or Motoko's blade.

Needless to say, there are few repeat offenders.

Ben's Prophecy Well:

In the basement of the Inn, Ben discovered this well and could sense divine energy eminating from it, so he placed his holy Standing Stones around it to enhance his visions. In the damp environs, he grows mushrooms which he uses in his herbal teas to bring about Prophetic visions. Unknown to him, the well can grant one Limited Wish per day to anyone who chooses to make a sacrifice there.

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