The Vor'Halen

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What the public sees

The Vor'Halen are a pseudoreptilian race that appears to be humanoid from the waist up, but with a long serpentine tail instead of legs. (Their humanoid nature is striking-- they possess head hair and numerous other mammalian features, for example.) They are obligate carnivores in nature, and have a preference for eating live food.

The Vor'Halen have a feudal society, with several noble houses that are in a constant state of shifting alliances and treacheries. They unite quickly when faced with outsiders, however. Their culture is noteworthy for their heavy use of magic and magitech-- each noble house appears to have a particular style of magic that is their specialty.

There is another race that lives among the Vor'Halen, but they are never referred to by any Vor'Halen, and no one knows what they are called. This race is similar in some ways, but is much, much more serpentine in shape-- their faces are much less humanoid, they lack hair and other mammalian characteristics, and instead of arms, they possess a dozen strong tentacles. This race appears in general to be a slave race-- the media rarely sees them, but the lowest level of soldiers and laborers is of this race. (Even the servants of the nobles are of the more-common Naga-type race.) There is a noteworthy exception, however- one of the noble families is of this apparent slave race, but this fact is, again, never referred to by the Vor'Halen in any way.

Magic and related Magitech are commonplace among the Vor'Halen, and the noble families possess formidable powers which are used to great effect in battle. The lower castes are not as well-trained in magic, and so rely on magitech items, but can hold their own in battle quite effectively.

What the truth is