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This only reflects groups that the society has encountered enough to actually have an opinion on them. In a very short while, the society has managed to make several large impressions on a number of different groups.

Allies: The Arcane Congress, The Argentum, The Wardens of the Wood, The Gatekeepers, The Church of the Silver Flame

Friendly: The Dark Lanterns, The Dreaming Dark, The Greensingers

Neutral: Morgrave University, The Children of Winter (will likely move to Hostile), The Ashbound (will likely move to hostile), The Twelve, The Royal Eyes

Hostile: The Blood of Vol, Lords of Dust, The Path of Light

Enemies: The Emerald Claw, Cults of the Dragon Below, The Iron Nation, The Blood Claws, The Twelve Deadly Gods

If the group ever took a stance that was more openly meddling in the politics of the realm, many of the groups above would turn much more hostile than they are. At present, the group is playing it very carefully in how they interact with the citizenry of Khorvaire.


The Watchmen are drawn, primarily, from travelers to Caer Shadowfast. This, automatically, tends to make them of a rather rugged caste to begin with. The majority of its members are veterans of the Last War with many of them being either Cyrean, Brelish, or Karrn stock. They are rarely of the upper classes and usually rather haunted by the battles of the Last War to make the philosophy of the group to be appealling. Because of the nature of Caer Shadowfast, let alone their mission, they are also a rather dour or humorless lot for the most part. The Mourning tends to have that effect on people.


The Watchmen were conceived by Cassius Du'Shadowfast, the newly raised Count of the Shadowfast region of the Mournlands (also known as the "Green Zone"). The group is only a couple of months old but the philosophy is an appealing one towards the refugees of the Mourning and also the recent acts of heroism that have made it's members famous, even if it is a 'secret' society.

The initial recruits were drawn, primarilly, from Cassius former unit in the Red Hawks with the elite soldiery being dispatched to become his agents. Also, many mercenaries and scavengers involved in the recent events were recruited to work in the burgeoning spy agency. He is, primarilly, interested in gathering loyal agents first with talent being a secondary concern. Thankfully, Caer Shadowfast is such that he doesn't have to choose between them that much at the start.

The organization is viewed with some alarm by most intelligence agencies, given very few have given up chance on dealing with war. However, they've been presently mollified by his statements that he's only interested in fighting the Emerald Claw and other organizations that would benefit. Vigilantism doesn't fly very far in Eberron but they're expected to work within the confines of the government. Frankly, everyone is far too overworked to take much of a united stand against yet another group that has arisen in Khorvaire's political scene.

The group is attempting to maintain cordial relations with many of the secret societies of Khorvaire, even if its primary mission invariably brings it into conflict with all those that are attempting to restart the Last War. It, primarily, is devoted to rooting out terrorist organizations like the Emerald Claw, the Iron Nations, or Swords of Liberty due to the unpopular nature of both. Secretly, Cassius hopes to recruit moderate members of both because he believes one can't be too choosy about one's allies.

The group is rather small, at present, but the simplistic and easy to understand nature of its mission is one that allows it to be rather easilly lauded as a group of heroes. It's present popularity may continue for some time if it continues to focus on fighting "evil" groups throughout Khorvaire while remaining largely apolitical. This suits the ultimate aims of Cassius Du'Shadowfast very well.

The organization is set up like an army and the paramilitary nature of it is easy enough for most Khorvaire to fall into. The two largest divisions are between the Warforged and the Flesh soldiers, currently, but a mystical division is already beginning thanks to the efforts of Lindsey Baron. The group, despite its size, is powerful enough to destabilize the Northern Breland region...or bring peace to it.


Public The Last War is a ridiculous waste of lives, resources, and property for no apparent gain. While unification is something that is not bad, necessarily, it still is something that shouldn't have been done by such a pointless war of attrition. The Watchmen must help the peoples of each nation recover and restore them to their former glory while hunting down the villains that thrive in the lawlessness. Those who would restart the war without the approval of their home nations must be hunted down like dogs.

Private *Any* resumption of the Last War must be stopped at all costs. Broker alliances with groups that are against it, report on home nation's activities, and cultivate an image of heroism while speaking out against the Last War. Help gather resources of wealth, friendships, magical items, and influence in preparation for the group's defense against the horrors of the Next War.

Military Investigations Bureau[edit]

Leader: Gortuck

The wing of the Watchmen tasked with investigating potential threats and the like before the Watchmen dedicates significant resources to a task. They function similar to Aundair's Royal Eyes and Breland's Dark Lanterns both inside and outside the County of Shadowfast. People associate them with black tuxes and sunglasses, but the connection with the organization and the unidentified persons in black is far from concrete.

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