The hall of allwisdom

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The great library that holds all knowledge of the newly created realm. Held in the palace of the gods

The God Palace

The gods


Player: naturegirl1999​
Innitial Appearance: A clout of colorless gas
Personality: To Be Developed

Weaver Dahli

Players: Jeremy Kopczynski​
Initial Appearance: A young human in a red and blue magician like outfit with a top hat and a horn
Personality: A driven artist who longs for perfection and eternity in his works. Also a bit of a people pleaser.

The Machine-To-Be

aka The Assembly, The Unfinished, The Ultimate Artifice, The Grand Design, The Final Work, The Mechanical Muse, That Which Discovers and Designs Itself, et cetera.​
Dominance DuPree​

That Which Hath One Thousand Eyes

Unka Josh


They who feeds​



Ken long ​

The Watcher​

The Archivist

The Bookkeeper or simply The Keeper. Ook​

The Divine Meeting Place

The Hall of Allwisdom

The First Laboratory

The Rooms of Plenty

The Mortal Quarters

The Outer Courtyard

The Inner Courtyards

Urda​'s Courtyard

Urda​'s Residence

Weaver Dahli​'s Courtyard

Weaver Dahli​'s Residence

The Machine-To-Be's Courtyard

The Machine-To-Be's Residence

That Which Hath One Thousand Eyes​' Courtyard

That Which Hath One Thousand Eyes​' Residence

Argotyorn's Courtyard

Argotyorn's Residence

Sior​'s Courtyard

Sior​'s Residence

Ken long's Courtyard

Ken long's Residence

Ook's Courtyard

Ook's Residence

The World

The Skies and Space

The Lands and edge

The Caves and underworld

The seas and it's depths

The pocket realms

The peoples

The metaphysical

The history