Thelia Vulpes

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Thelia Vulpes

CN Female Fox Shifter

Monk 7/Shadowdancer 3/Spirit Shaman 3

New Information[edit]

Thelia is at last preparing to welcome the first new Fox Shifters into the world in seven long years. Unfortunately, she's also been (non-magically) brainwashed by Merrix III. Feeling unworthy of either Gerald's love or The Watchmen's trust due to her betrayal with the fallen Baron, she has gone to live with him, allowing him to further his control over her.

Rapidly nearing her due date, strange things have started happening around her, but she doesn't seem notice. Normal accidents and chance injuries have become non-existent, and at least three attempted assassination attempts targeted to harm Merrix have fallen apart almost before they begin. Her emotional state seems to be improving as well, a result of Merrix finishing tearing down her resistence to him at the cost of her sense of self and now rebuilding her psyche as a loyal lover, all without her knowledge.

Karin watches from the sidelines, knowing what will happen is not something she can alter for the better. The twins Thelia carries are a nexus of potential, and it seems Merrix III has plans for them. The Dragons, both of The Chamber and of The Authority, show a rising interest in them as well.

Old Information[edit]

Upon the death of Lord Shadowspawn, Thelia is free of his influence. Regardless, she no longer trusts herself enough to remain on control of her abilities, and has gone on sabbatical from The Watchmen in an attempt to find some semblance of peace with herself. She is heavily burdened by guilt over her rage fueled massacre of slaves and slavers alike in Tantamar, though the ultimate dissolution of the Black Lotus Society has finally been accomplished.

On the bright side, she and Gerald have, much to the exasperated relief of their friends, finally consummated their relationship. Many of her long standing demons have finally been laid to rest, even as new ones crop up. She does love Gerald, but is confused and worried by similar feelings for Merrix III. Her own powerful sense of loyalty clashes with this (to her) seeming betrayal constantly.

Cassius's dead wife Alice hangs around her every so often, and is a constant face amid the sea of spirits she sees. Maya is still infatuated with her fuzziness, through whether her emnity towards her Guide has continued past Pyriel's demise is unknown.

She's slightly worried that Karin has disappeared at about the same time her Guide, Nogitsune, has become rather quiet, but has so far had no other cause for concern in this manner.

Roleplaying Hints: Much like before, she's very much an emotional wreck. Even if she tries to hide it, if one looks close enough, they can see something is always eating at her. She's very strong physically, no one doubts that, but her friends know she's very weak in spirit st this point in her life.

Older Information[edit]


Thelia's werefox ancestry gives her a slightly more light frame than the typical Shifter, but she is by no means petite. Well muscled and highly nimble, the twenty-something woman's movements are at once graceful and terrifying. Her reddish hair and fur is short and sleek, covering about 1/3 of her body, and her tail and fox ears are covered in it as well. Her eyes are yellow and display the cunning of her ancestry, with a hint of the wild savegry of her animalistic past giving her a very "femme fatale" air.


As time progresses, Thelia has begun to come out of her shell. At first cold, almost unfeeling, her experiences (good and bad) have allowed her to begin reaching out to others, albeit tentatively. She has even begun forming romantic attachments, though not all of them are healthy.

Her animal nature has become more prominent as of late, manifesting itself as a tendancy to anger more quickly than before, but also a need to form closer bonds with those around her. She is slowly adjusting to both this new world, and the one opened up to her by Lord Shadowspawn's efforts. She has managed to contact her Spirit Guide and through it was able to bring herself back from the edge of insanity. As for how far away, even she is not sure.

She still finds herself as little more than a chess piece in a game she cannot see and only partially understands, and it leaves her frustrated, but unsure of what to do about it. She's tried her best for The Watchmen, taking on plenty of missions, but it appears she does this merely to prevent herself from dwelling on how lost for purpose she feels.


Raised by her troupe of Shifter Shadowdancers, she and her "pack" traveled Cyre, performing plays both fictional and historical for the amusement of the crowds. They encountered the devastation of the Last War on a regular basis, but it was not until an unfortunate run in with a Thranish squad led by a fanatical Flamite Paladin that the War really hit home.

The troupe worked as a House Phiarlan proxy in the employ of Cyre, with Thelia only partially aware of this darker side of her family. Many of her relatives were adept spies and knew things that would mark them for death were they ever exposed. Once Thelia was recognized as an adult, her family started to introduce her to the business, building on the basics they'd taught her as a child. She quickly caught on, but wasn't able to perform any missions before the Mourning hit.

In the final year or two before the disaster, House Thuranni seemed interested in getting a hold on the troupe, and had even turned several members into double agents through various unscrupulous means. The timing of this coming to light could not have been worse. As many members of the troupe tore at each other, the dead grey mist of the Mourning closed in on them. Thanks to her Grandfather plopping her on a horse, enchanting it, and instructing it to take her far away, she was spared the mist, but the rest of her family was not so lucky.

After passing the border, Thelia encountered the Valenar massacre of the Cyrean refugees. Instead of being killed on the spot, the raiders decided to take her prisoner. With most Fox Shifters having resided in Cyre, she was now a rare occurence and would fetch a high price in the slave trade. The trauma of losing her home, her family and her freedom in such a short time left her in a state of mental paralysis, unwilling or unable to fight back.

There she was bought by a human named Uther for a hefty sum. A towering figure of a man, he ran a war profiteering business taking advantage of the social devistation of the Last War as part of the Black Lotus Society. War orphans were sold to families who lost their children for a price, but outside the red tape and inefficiency of the bureaucracy. Thelia was bought for the other, far darker side of his business.

He supplied so-called "custom" children to those with the money to pay for them, normally the aristocracy. Most weren't looking for children, they were looking for playmates for their own kids or curiosities to satisfy their interests, most of which involved cross-species children. Thelia was quickly integrated into the program, with Uther forcing himself on her for her first child. Once she discovered she was pregnant, it snapped her out of the paralysis. Through some luck, sheer determination, and the support of her fellow slave and only friend, Sheeba, she was able to escape her confinement. The ensuing chase lasted for three days, ending in Sheeba's recapture and Uther's death. She did not escape unscathed, as the injuries she sustained in the last minutes caused her to miscarry.

Since then, she has been largely reserved. Her cold demeanor is a reflection of her inherent mistrust of others, as well as her fear that letting anyone in will only bring further pain. Having worked with the rest of her group for so long, she's beginning to come out of her shell, but only slightly. She has so far been most open with Gerald, and the two have gotten closer, but both refuse to call it dating.

It has come to light that Shadowspawn is actually a former pack mate, horribly deformed by the Mourning. He was her brother's best friend, watched over her for much of her life, and even arranged to be married to her before the Silver Flame attacked and took him prisoner. He knows much about her past, and has a far more intimate knowledge of her legacy than even she. He remains intent on making her his bride, and has placed a Geas on her forbidding her to attack him. It also has the side effect of causing her have difficulty when trying to see through his manipulations, though not consciously. It also seems that Pyriel has usurped some of the Geas' power in order to weaken her bond with her Guide.

Thanks to tutilage by Shadowspawn during her captivity at Ebonhold, she has learned to summon spiritual beings. Though doing so is easy for her (the actions come naturally), the strain of the act is still quite a lot, so she cannot do so often or summon anything of great power.

After she discovered Cassius's Deck of Many Things, she absentmindedly drew four cards, as the Deck is a creation of the same being that made the Werefox that dwells within her. Of the Star, Knight, Gem, and Flame, only two results have thus far come to light. Maya, through the Knight, now considers Thelia to be one of her "bestest friends" and her personal fuzzy-wuzzy fox girl to snuggle. A major point of contention between the the two is that Maya considers Thelia's guide to be an Ultimate Evil and a source of corruption, and constantly tries to smite it. Through the Star, Thelia was visited by the soul of her dead Great Grandmother, Miranda, during a visit to Sigil, where she was instructed on some of the ancestral Wisdom of her Clan.

Recently, her attack on the city of Tantamar in Lhazzar, a major center for activity for the Black Lotus Society, has thrown her whole world into chaos. In her anger and lust for vengeance, she lost control of herself. Her ensuing transformation fueled by the true power of the Werefox left the city in ruins. She failed to distinguish between slave and slavers, literally tearing apart the souls of those she saw as Evil. She is now on trial for crimes against existence at the Arcane Congress, even as her own will to live is pretty much nil.

Hints for role playing: Continually wracked by doubts about her own sanity and seemingly trapped in the middle of countless plots, she still tries to seem calm and in control. A supreme martial artist, she has meshed her various abilities into a style unrivaled by any but the best humanoid fighters in the world today...yet she is insecure at her basest level. In short, she's an emotional wreck with a whole lot of power.


NE/C/TN Female Animal Lord/Spirit Guide

The Fox Lord herself, Nogitsune is down to its last heir (Thelia). As such, she is fiercely protective of her final remaining link to the Material Plane. Should Thelia die, Nogi's resulting separation from her birth mother (Eberron) would result in a similar fate to that of Herne, the Stag Lord. As such, Nogi seeks both Thelia's defense and a suitable mate for her to begin rebuilding the Vulpes Clan.

With Thelia and Gerald now sleeping together and Merrix III potentially using every trick in the book to usurp that position, the second goal may have gotten a lot easier.

Nogi has another body, her avatar Karin, but that merely allows some freedom of movement rather than any insurance in case of Thelia's untimely demise. What she has up her sleave now, not even Thelia can say.

Shadows over Cyre or Wrath of the Lich Queen