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Theodoric "Theo" Marschall</br>
[[Veraltan_Academy:Theodoric_Marschall|Current version]]
Plot points: 1
Physical d8, Mental d6, Social d10, Magical d8
Friend To All Living Things d8</br>
SFX: Empathy: You can use your Social die for healing or recovery rolls
Like The Back Of My Hand d8</br>
SFX: I know some things: Spend a PP to introduce a useful detail about the Academy
Wannabe Adventurer d8</br>
SFX: In over your head: Gain a PP when your enthusiasm gets the better of you and leads you to do something foolish or risky
Adaeze Kamalu d8</br>
A student at the Academy, and the first friend Theo made when he joined classes. Adaeze is brash and confident, wielding lightning magic and a sword passed down through at least three generations of adventurers. Theo thinks she's, like, the coolest person alive and everything he tries to be but clearly isn't.
Aldred Marschall d6</br>
Theo's father, stable master at the Academy. Knows a lot about horses, and a bit about more fantastic creatures. Gruff and blunt with people, cares a lot more about animals. Known as "Mr Marschall" to his face and "Old Al" behind his back.
Mathilde Marschall d6</br>
Theo's mother, head gardener at the Academy. Specialises in plants and herbs, obviously, with a smattering of apothecary knowledge picked up over the years. One of the few members of school staff everyone calls by their first name.
Professor Valeria d6</br>
Magical combat and adventuring tutor at the Academy
Holy Magic d6</br>
SFX: When you create a Divine Aura asset to protect others, you may step it up and allow any characters you wish to use it. Step it down each time it is added to a dice pool.</br>
Limit: Attack restriction; can only harm demons and undead
'''Signature Asset:'''
Sparky, red dragon hatchling d6

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