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Theodoric "Theo" Marschall
Plot points: 1


Physical d8, Mental d6, Social d10, Magical d8


Friend To All Living Things d8
SFX: Empathy: You can use your Social die for healing or recovery rolls

Like The Back Of My Hand d8
SFX: I know some things: Spend a PP to introduce a useful detail about the Academy

Wannabe Adventurer d8
SFX: In over your head: Gain a PP when your enthusiasm gets the better of you and leads you to do something foolish or risky


Adaeze Kamalu d8
A student at the Academy, and the first friend Theo made when he joined classes. Adaeze is brash and confident, wielding lightning magic and a sword passed down through at least three generations of adventurers. Theo thinks she's, like, the coolest person alive and everything he tries to be but clearly isn't.

Aldred Marschall d6
Theo's father, stable master at the Academy. Knows a lot about horses, and a bit about more fantastic creatures. Gruff and blunt with people, cares a lot more about animals. Known as "Mr Marschall" to his face and "Old Al" behind his back.

Mathilde Marschall d6
Theo's mother, head gardener at the Academy. Specialises in plants and herbs, obviously, with a smattering of apothecary knowledge picked up over the years. One of the few members of school staff everyone calls by their first name.

Professor Valeria d6
Magical combat and adventuring tutor at the Academy


Holy Magic d6
SFX: When you create a Divine Aura asset to protect others, you may step it up and allow any characters you wish to use it. Step it down each time it is added to a dice pool.
Limit: Attack restriction; can only harm demons and undead

Signature Asset:

Sparky, red dragon hatchling d6