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Map of the Karo Province

Karo Province.png

Guide to the Map

The province of Karo is a province of the Kingdom of Neece, a medium-sized kingdom. In the southwest there is a badlands famous for the ruined settlements that dot its broken landscape. The northeastern desert is a rocky mix of desert and shrubs where a remarkable canal town has a mix of technology and magic that converts saltwater to freshwater (but no one knows how it works) for its residents. Large and sometimes huge wildlife populate the western grasslands.

The City of Constance (08.06)

A city with a population of about 200,000, it is a major trading and economic hub of the Karo Province. Precious metals, including gold, are gathered/refined in Barakob and Swampgash and worked into fine products in this city.

Barakob (03.03) and Swampgash (06.04)

Traders in Swampgash brave the swamps to bring metals from the mining villages to Swampash, where the metals are then processed and delivered to Constance. Barakob has a similar economy, but it is a much safer business environment.

Rahmsville (06.08)

This town is primarily known as a cattle and agricultural town and does a lot of trade with Constance. There are rumors of weird cults and supernatural beings making their home in Rahmsville.

Mashtas-Ur (08.01)

This is an ancient, isolated but self-sufficient town home to a system of canals that converts saltwater from the Eregin Ocean into freshwater that the town’s population can drink. No one who has made themselves known has solved the mystery of its magical technology. Its only links to the outside world are its harbor and a trail leading to Swampgash.

Garandel’s Grasslands

Named after the person who first discovered it long ago, this is in the western edge of the province between the two mountain ranges. Massive land beasts graze and hunt here.

Player Characters

Telmar Coppervein, Dwarf Paladin
Character sheet
Telmar was a dwarf in Constance who worked as a guard for important clients and goods. One day, while paying his respects to Grundinnar, his deity spoke to Telmar to carry out the tenets of the god, and become a champion for him. Bestowed with the symbol of Grundinnar, a light hammer, he set forth to mediate between any parties in dispute.

Plum, Sprite Monk

Zinari Diamonds, Catfolk Witch

Zinari was a gambler, and good at her job, until she entered the wrong card tournament. The local Thieves Guild had a player in it, and they bet heavily on him to win. They leaned on her to throw the game, but she didn’t. So they had a jinx put on her, to make her an example, and make her life a living hell. She turned to Lady Luck, who offered her the chance to change her fortune, by pushing her jinx onto others. Her future as a professional gambler was still shaky, but as an adventurer, she could make some coin by plying her new abilities.