Through the Looking Glass: Blondie

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Blondie, among the Quick

Rook H.'s character for Through the Looking Glass, a game of fractured reality and esoteric horror run by The Tim.

Louella "Blondie" Gorman

  • Concept: ghost with a Destiny
  • Obsession: promote scientific research into the Afterlife
  • Noble: Lonely people looking for love. Everyone deserves love (if they want it).
  • Rage: Unsafe or unhealthy working conditions and the people who enforce them.
  • Fear: (Helplessness) Being victimized by fate or circumstance.

Basic Abilities

Fitness 60% Helplessness Dodge 20%
defends Violence
Status 20% Isolation Pursuit 60%
defends Helplessness
coerces Isolation
Knowledge 60% Self Lie 20%
defends Unnatural
coerces Self
Notice 60% Unnatural Secrets 20%
defends Self coerces Unnatural
Connect 50% Violence Struggle 30%
defends Isolation
coerces Helplessness
coerces Violence



Rating: 50%

Vague Protection (substitutes for Dodge)

  • Unique: become immaterial


Rating: 50%

Of course I can: look good in those clothes; create a distraction; get past the velvet rope

  • substitutes for Lie
  • substitutes for Status
  • defends Helplessness

Legionnaire of Fate

Rating: 50%

Of course I can: know who's who among the local dead; get ghostly backup; get my fortune told by someone at HQ

  • substitutes for Secrets
  • substitutes for Struggle
  • provides wound threshold

Through the Looking Glass

Rating: 25%

Of course I can: remember my home timeline's history

  • substitutes for Secrets
  • evaluates Negative Identity
  • Unique: determine whether something belongs to this reality

Negative Identity: Angst

Rating: 30%

Noteworthy Possessions

  • TBD