Tianxia: House of Seven Winds

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Player Characters

Ah Ladi played by - EnigmaticOne

Bamboo Wei played by - Llayne

Raya Lun played by - ajdynon

Sister Fei played by - Muskrat

Kalou Xie played by - Stormraven


Donkey Zhen played by - Timon
Jiang Dafa played by - Glyptodont

Turn Tracker and Zone Map

Turn Tracker and Zone Map

Thousand Doors NPCs

NPC Name | High Concept | Trouble


Hie "Father Lantern" Xue | Knows the names of the Dead | Knows too much of the living (Timon +)

Kindly and white-bearded, Xue knows almost everyone in the House, for from his tiny rooms in the eves of the House he sends lanterns to heaven with the names of those who cannot be buried in the House. His kind words and beautiful calligraphy are greatly prized but there are those that believe that the comforter of the grieving has come to know too much.

NPC Name: Granny Jiang | High Concept: Suddenly Popular Herbalist | Trouble: "I must have more ingredients!" (Jiang Dafa +)

Granny Jiang was an ignored old widow who barely eked out a living making mediocre potions and medicines. But when the House of Seven Winds engulfed her shack, she began to make concoctions that people claim are miraculous. She claims that she now finds all the ingredients for her new, more-potent elixirs inside the House. But where? And more disturbingly: what are these ingredients? (Glyptodont)
  • Note: Though they share the same family name, Granny Jiang and Jiang Dafa are not related. (He's an orphan after all.) In the past he has helped her out when she had no food or money, but now her business is doing rather well.

Huang the Ravager |Vicious Insurgent Leader| Consumed by Legacy (Llayne -)

Bamboo Wei's older brother was born as Tu Wei Ang, but when he learned that he was the grandson of the deposed Emperor, he took the generational name Hu, which would have been his had he been born into the Imperial House of Xuan as he should have been.
Like his younger brother, Huang is consumed with legacy. Instead of working to forge a new one to make up for the sins of his ancestors like Weilan, Huang joined a group of insurgents known as the Followers of the Will (or Willowers for short) in an attempt to overthrow the current dynasty and reclaim what he sees as his birthright.
His methods became so brutal that he earned the nickname Ravager. He now leads a group of Insurgents inside the Thousand Doors with the goal of finding the sword of Seven Winds to use in his bid for the throne.
  • Note: Huang is 'a' leader of Insurgents, but not necessarily 'the' leader of all the Followers of the Will.
  • Note 2: The Willowers is the name of the insurgents, claiming that the new dynasty goes against the will of heaven (for whatever reason) so they are the ones fighting to protect heaven's will. It could also be because their original hideout was in a willow forest, and they retroactively created a backstory to provide a better explanation for the name Willowers.

Iron Arm Gao | Ambitious Gang Leader | Too Many People Don't Take Him Seriously (-)

Iron Arm Gao was a minor enforcer for one of the big criminal enterprises in the capital city. He was ambitious, seeking to rise in the criminal ranks, but held back by the fact that most people perceived him as stupid. He is large and muscular with a face that makes him look dim-witted. In fact, he is quite canny and smart. The appearance of the House of Seven Winds seemed like a golden opportunity to him. Rounding up other malcontents, he left the large criminal enterprise he worked for behind and started his own protection racket in the House of Seven Winds. While he is now in command of his own gang, he faced opposition from do-gooders, the law, and other criminal groups. His ability to build alliances with other gangs is still held back by the fact that so many people see him as stupid, a continuing source of frustration for him.

-- Muskrat

Old Kang | Venerable Beggar | Bad Lungs (Ah Ladi +)

An associate of Ah Ladi, Kang is an elderly beggar who suffers from a terrible ailment that leaves him coughing and wheezing with terrible regularity, but there's nothing wrong with his eyes, ears, or mind. The House has provided him with plentiful, comfortable shelter, and people more than willing to donate to him in exchange for his observations about what goes on inside.

Twilight Flower | Femme fatale assassin and poison expert. | Imperial forces would like to know who is killing their people. (Raya Lun -)

Good enough at disguise that her true appearance is a mystery - when she appears, she’s a beautiful woman, but t precise details vary. Is she simply killing those aligned with the imperial forces for money, or does she have a personal vendetta? (ajdynon)

(Kalou Xie)Kalou Mala- | Ambitious Spymistress | Prettier than she is intelligent (Stormraven - )

Mala is second in line after Xie for control of the clan. She has been trained - and well-trained - to be her sister's spymistress, but wants more. She's quite intelligent herself, though her ambition and beauty eclipse that.

Imperial NPCs

NPC Name | High Concept | Trouble


NPC Name: "Gallant" Shu | High Concept: Corrupt Imperial Officer | Trouble: Never pass up an opportunity to enrich yourself (Jiang Dafa -)

A smug bully who is more handsome than anyone has a right to be and not-at-all gallant, Shu is the epitome of a corrupt soldier. He makes a fine living demanding bribes and protection money and is more than happy to let criminals go if they hand over their loot to him. But now he says there's something important he must find in the House of Seven Winds--and he doesn't care if he loses everything he has to get it. The look of fear on his face makes it seem like this time he's serious. Or is he running yet another scam? (Glyptodont)
  • Note: Jiang Dafa has been keeping his eye on "Gallant" Shu for a while now. He knows Shu is a crook, but hasn't been able to get solid evidence against him.

Xun "Bullhead" Ruogang | Extraction at a price | Too many dissatisfied customers (Timon -)

Ruogang discovered that there was money to be made by promising to extract long-lost relatives from the Compendious House. Unfortunately, her reputation was built on a couple of lucky breaks: one elderly aunt she was able to bundle out of a low window in a sack and a child who had simply wandered in and was all to happy to follow Ruogang out. In her current contracts, she is meeting serious resistance and she is arousing suspicion with the denizens of the house.

Matron Ming | Influential Teahouse Owner | Progress Ruffles Feathers (Llayne +)

This elderly woman was once the Mysterious Mingxia, a martial hero of no small renown. She now runs the Snake's Sojourn teahouse that ostensibly caters to craftsmen and merchants, but serves peasants, nobles, and xia as well. The Sojourn has become one of the few places that such cross-class mingling can happen, and her rules are respected due to her reputation, the multiple Xia that frequent the place, and the support of a few well-placed officials.
Xia often make their way to the Sojourn at some point in search of a job, a master, or to pay their respects to Ming. There are nobles and officials that dislike the flaunting of tradition and push to get it to shut down for good.
  • Note: I'm using Snake in the more positive eastern philosophy that corresponds to good luck, healing, renewal, reproduction and good harvests.

Lieutenant Liu | City Guard Officer | Inflexible of Mind (Ah Ladi -)

A middle-aged member of the Băo Jiāng city guard, Liu is a man with a thin mustache, beard, and the spine of elemental metal. He is known for being completely law-abiding, completely incorruptible, but also completely obedient to orders from above, which makes him easy enough to work around for the ne'er-do-wells of Băo Jiāng.

Prince Shonshu | Imperial Prince and Would-Be Drunken Poet | Drunken Layabout--But Not a Poet (+)

Prince Shonshu is Sister Fei's (the former Princess Jianyi) twin brother. The two siblings are devoted to each other--but could not be more different in personality. While Princess Jianyi is both driven and spiritual, Prince Shonshu is an unambitious layabout. He certainly does not want any position of responsibility in the imperial court. He aspires to be a great drunken poet--but lacks the motivation to truly work at his poetry, instead hoping it will come to him spontaneously. Other than a few short fragments, it hasn't. Prince Shonshu's solution is to try drinking more. Princess Jianyi and Prince Shonshu were close as children, partly from being twins and partly from not having any other playmates. Their paths as adults have taken them in very different directions, but they still care deeply for each other and would go out of the way to help each other.

-- Muskrat

Princess Fierce Tiger | Ambitious warrior princess | My siblings would like to remove me as a potential obstacle to their succession (as I would for them) (Raya Lun +)

Young lady with a military bearing and usually clad in in armor. She seeks to perform great deeds in order to prove her worthiness for the throne!(ajdynon)

(Kalou Xie) Lo Sifa+ | Philosopher Guard | Would try to argue philosophy with death (Stormraven + )

Lo Sifa is a lowly guard - most often sent on treks between cities - who fancies herself more; a poet, a philosopher. She's got a good grounding and knows what she's about, but many view her as stepping above her station, and others just don't want to hear her discuss the Tao another second. She was the first to see Kalou Xie's return to civilisation, and they had a nice chat along the way.

Other NPCs

NPC Name | High Concept | Trouble


Campaign Aspects

Legacy Aspect: The House has hidden Strange Souls

Out of the eye of the Empire free though but also powerful criminal interests and wild fanatics have found a home in the House.

Current Aspect: The Empire Takes and Interest

The imperial forces call it Compendium House, but on the street the structure growing ever outward and upward by substance and design or arcane nudges against the fabric of reality is known as the Thousand Doors on the streets of Băo Jiāng . . . a very literal name for a structure of so many levels and sections, each barred by a door, a door that opens to some but not to others.

Whether you wish it or not, the Empire's will and interests ride into the House on your coattails....

Impending Aspect: The Hand will follow the Eye

Once the Empire has looked its fill it will act to bring the errant population of the House, fiend and free-thinker, under its control



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The Fate SRD


While the core game allows for a fairly significant amount of player vs player conflict, I prefer not to run games that lean heavily to that assumption. If you want to do something that directly (as opposed to indirectly) acts against another player's character there are two options.

  • Unilateral Permission: The other player agrees to your action. No rolls are needed. Just RP it out.
  • Limited Permission: The other player doesn't agree that it is an automatic thing, but does agree to let the dice decide.

Note: If the players involved do not agree to PVP, it doesn't happen. Move on with something else.

Note: Actions that indirectly oppose another player's character does not constitute PVP to my thinking. Mostly the above conditions are designed to keep the game from devolving into a series of random slugfests between characters. Intrigue and manipulation, on the other hand, have great potential to add flavor to the game.


Post Frequency

  • I am generally asking for a daily posting commitment for this game, with the understanding that posting might be less frequent on weekends and holidays.
Realistically this will probably look like 3-4 IC posts per week.
If I need to for momentum sake to keep moving the game forward, I may update before a player has posted. This is not meant as a call out or to exclude anyone. I don't do it often, and virtually never before 24-36 hrs have passed since the previous update.

Post Absences

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Post Formatting

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