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Month Calender

  • Lightenday.[1 Day]
  • Spring
    • Month of the Bee. [4 wks]
    • Month of the Dragon.[5 wks]
    • Month of the Hawk.[4 wks]
  • Summer
    • Month of the Deer.[4 wks]
    • Month of the Unicorn.[5 wks]
    • Month of the Frog.[4 wks]
  • Darkenday [1 Day]
  • Autumn
    • Month of the Lion[4 wks]
    • Month of the Griffon[5 wks]
    • Month of the Gecko[4 wks]
  • Winter
    • Month of the Wolf[4 wks]
    • Month of the Basilisk [5 wks]
    • Month of the Spider[4 wks]

The Beginning Twelfth year of the Bull. Month of the Bee. Week 1.

The group meet as they determine to intercept Haebog raiders who attacked a caravan 8 miles from Rhygia. They set out on Firsday and reached the Plateau to the north by nightfall.

There, they encountered a Lammasu. They established friendly relations with him and he took a shine to the Lawful Brother Valarn. Using information shared, the group crossed the plains and set up an ambush for the hobgoblins. when they finally encountered them, the hobgoblins were being pursued by centaurs. The group slept the hobgoblins and averted a brawl with the centaurs through luck and manners.

The group rested a night and headed back toward Rhygia. On their last night of travel alique Drenn, son of Haver and one of the prisoners, ran away. Trailing him led to the scouts seeing him beaten and taken by outlaws.