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*<span style=color:blue>'''{Facebook Blurbs-Chronologically}'''</span>
*<span style=color:orange>'''{Stories-Chronologically}'''</span>
*<span style=color:Purple>'''{Arc of the a Jeweled Amber campaign}'''</span>
*<span style=color:Purple>'''{Royal Births}'''</span>
[[Red Sword Calls-FB Posts]]
===''30,000 BKA''===
Oberon assays the Pattern of Amber.
*<span style=color:green>'''''Fleece, Adrian, Clymnea, Av Reet, Eater, Hinarik, Vox, Nalshik'''''</span>
===''1200 BKA''===
Oberon, Duke of Al a Marat of Thelusia, brings his young wife to the place where the Pattern in deep underground.
*<span style=color:green>'''''Osric, Finndo, Benedict, Orsolla, Borlak'''''</span>
===''1189 BKA'' King Oberon===
<big><big>Oberon assumes the title of King of Amber</big></big>
===''555 BKA''===
*<span style=color:green>'''''Elfwine'''''</span>
===''237 BKA''===
*Oberon leaves Amber on one of his many sojourns
===''239 BKA'' King Finndo===
*Crisis of Restala
*<big><big>Finndo crowned King of Amber</big></big>
===''331 BKA'' King Oberon===
*King Finndo abdicates, flees Amber
*<big><big>Oberon retakes the throne</big></big>
===''332 BKA''===
*<span style=color:lightgreen>'''''Dashal'''''</span>
===''10 BKA''===
*<span style=color:green>'''''Eric'''''</span>
*<span style=color:lightgreen>'''''Banidoc, son of Benedict'''''</span>
Formal Foundation of the Great Kingdom of Amber.
Marriage of '''Oberon''' and '''Fiella'''
*<span style=color:green>'''''Corwin, Evelyn, Deirdre'''''</span>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Hamilton'''''</span>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Nina, Emilie'''''</span>
Marriage of '''Oberon''' & '''Rilga'''
*<span style=color:green>'''''Caine, Julian'''''</span>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Gerard'''''</span>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Jaques'''''</span>
Marriage of '''Oberon''' and '''Harla'''
*<span style=color:green>'''''Delwin, Sand'''''</span>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Kundjiq, Josef, Hanvir'''''</span>
*<span style=color:lightgreen>'''''Arloxedra'''''</span>
Harla's Tower constructed in the Far isles.  She takes up residence the last day of 2208.[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Far_Isle#Harla.27s_Tower]]
Marriage of Oberon and Clarissa
*<span style=color:green>'''''Bleys, Fiona, Llewella, Brand'''''</span>
*Siege of Bunny Free[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Bunny_Free#The_Siege_of_Bunny_Free]]
Marriage of Oberon and Dybele
*<span style=color:green>'''''Florimel'''''</span>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Kibar, Son of Oberon'''''</span>
*<span style=color:Chartreuse>'''''Vincent, Son of Dworkin'''''</span>
Marriage of Oberon and Paulette
*<span style=color:green>'''''Giovanni, Dalt, Random, Mirelle'''''</span>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Phillipe, Evelar, Evankala'''''</span>
*<span style=color:lightgreen>'''''Rinaldo, Laravella, Truman, Carissa, Robert, Geryon, Houk, Nadine'''''</span>
*Lady Ain Breakwithe-Smythe resigns a head of House Breakwithe-Smyth in favor of her grandson Agalos due to encroaching senility.
*<span style=color:green>'''''Pierre'''''</span>
*Eric and Corwin quarrel.  Corwin exiled to Earth by Eric.
*Oberon leaves Amber.  Put in duress for a time by the Bleys/Fiona/Brand cabal.
*<span style=color:Chartreuse>'''''Hagalta, Satura'''''</span>
Random and Morganthe Flee Rebma.
Morganthe returns with Martin
*<span style=color:green>'''''Martin'''''</span>
*Brand attempts to slay Martin on the Pattern
==='''5195''' King Corwin, King Eric===
*Bleys and Corwin attempt to seize the throne.  Bleys escapes, Corwin Captured.
*<big><big>King Eric I Crowned</big></big>. Corwin Blinded & imprisoned.
**Corwin briefly declares himself King and manages to wear the Crown for a few seconds before it is taken from him and he is blinded and imprisoned. While it seems insignificant its notable that the magical forces of the Pattern and the Crown both register Corwin as having been a acceptable candidate for the crown and to have been duly anointed and having access to certain royal powers.   
*Prince Arloxedra crowned Crown Prince.
*<span style=color:green>'''''Rene, Coral'''''</span>
*Random attempts to assassinate Eric and fails.  Random imprisoned, joined by his wife Vielle in the dungeons of Amber.Relations with the kingdom of Rebma greatly strained.
*Benedict and Lintra fight.  Benedict loses arm.
*Corwin Escapes the Dungeons of Amber
*Corwin returns with Firearms to discover Amber being attacked.
*King Eric dies in battle.
*The '''''[[Interregnum and the Repair]]''''' begins covering the brief regency of Corwin, the return of Oberon, and the repair of the pattern.
*<big><big> Corwin's brief unofficial regency.</big></big>
*<big><big>Oberon returns but dies not officially reclaim the throne.</big></big>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Doria, Maylon, Yalla, Desri, Gaolus-Breeder, Voya, Falris-Breeder, Ganril-Breeder, Vek, Unknown Male #1-Living Son of Gaolous-Breeder, Unnamed Male #2-Deceased Son of Gaolous-Breeder, Gilva, Reestfa, Rhonda, Shaz Far, Dara, Merlin.'''''</span>
*Avalon created by Corwin
*'''Battle of Patternfall'''
*<big><big>Unicorn's Choice at the Abyss-King Random I declared king</Big></big>
*Oberon's entombment in the tomb of the Ancestors of Darkness.
*Random requires '''Articles of Submission''' from his kinsman.  [[Jeweled Amber-Articles of Submission]]
*<span style=color:orange> '''"Chronicles of Corwin" first Published in Amber '''</span>
*<span style=color:Chartreuse>'''''Relmopator'''''</span>
*Beginning of the Infrastructure Program in Amber
*<span style=color:green>'''''Warwick'''''</span>
*<span style=color:Chartreuse>'''''Despil, Jurt'''''</span>
*Creation of Mandalay and the Jeweled Road
*<span style=color:orange>'''Mark of Creation-Manadaly'''</span>
*Mandalay establishes embassies in Chaos, Amber
*Thin Whip's Place established.
*<span style=color:orange>'''Thin Whip-Jurt's Tale'''</span>
*Prince Bleys briefly imprisoned for giving King Random [[Old Mink]]
*Battle of Karat'Tiel
*<span style=color:orange>{[[The Pad of Little Puppy Dog Feet-Tale of Fleece]]}</span>
*<span style=color:Chartreuse>'''''Xorax, Dwynwen'''''</span>
*Kashfra admitted to the Golden Circle.  King Rinaldo, Son of Brand.
*Call to the Kin
*<span style=color:Purple> '''Arc of the First Jeweled Amber Campaign-5221-5229.  ''(1999 to 2004)'''''</span>
*Julian and [[Dalt at the Gates of Dawn]]
*<span style=color:orange> '''{Dalt at the Gates of Dawn}'''</span>
*Maylon Hendrake delivers the [[Heirs and spares]] document in an effort to curry favor in Amber
*Defeat of the Dominator by Benedict, Doria, Maylon and Desri
*Revelation of [[Yalla Ganth]] as a daughter of Benedict.
'''5230''' Dworkin brings Relmopator to Amber
*<span style=color:green>'''''Ghost, '''''</span>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Agrom'''''</span>
*Swayvil Returns the Key of [[[Azcala]] to Tonacat.
*Tonacat calls his family to Tzin Tlalocan. 
*<span style=color:Chartreuse>'''''Drixtra'''''</span>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Visaly'''''</span>
*Puma and Jaguar cults leave [[Azcala]] for the Jeweled Road
*<span style=color:blue>{Dosri in Nu Yark with Zicatalas of Azcala}</span>[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Red_Sword_Calls-FB_Posts#5242-Dosri_in_Nu_Yark_with_Zicatalas_of_Azcala]]
*<span style=color:Purple>'''Arc of Second Jeweled Amber Campaign 5242-5244 (2012-2014)'''</span>
*<span style=color:blue>{Xolotl and Zentalas}</span>[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Red_Sword_Calls-FB_Posts#5244-Xolotl_and_Zentalas]]
*Quetzecal slays a Snake Assasin in his home in [[Mandalay]]
*Quetzecal reclaims Umillan-Zlapa.  Defies Tonacat
*King Random hires [[CHAD]]. 
*Sir [[Lop]] opens a Palace Commons in North Riding, Amber
*King Alexandir establishes The Fortress Alexandir on coastal Green Vale.
*<span style=color:blue>{Jopin and the Arrival of The Forces of Tosa}</span>[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Red_Sword_Calls-FB_Posts#5245-Jopin.2C_Mitcholt.2C_and_the_Arrival_of_The_Forces_of_Tosa]]
*Random opens negotiations with [[York]]
*<span style=color:blue> {Bleys warns Random}</span>[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Red_Sword_Calls-FB_Posts#5245-Bleys_warns_Random]]
*<span style=color:blue> {Lop and Fort in the Palace Commons}</span>[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Red_Sword_Calls-FB_Posts#5245-Lop_and_Palace_Commons]]
*Six members of a Puma Cult terrorize the Harbor District for 4 months. Killing shop-girls and fishwives, extracting their hearts and leaving their corpses behind.  Suddenly the corpses of all six appear pinned to the wall of the Harbor Master's offices.
**Six magnificent Azcalan Puma Cultist fur cloaks are tacked to the trophy ceiling of the Palace Commons.
*<span style=color:blue> {The Arrival of the Cult of the Savior/Slayer.} </span>
*<span style=color:orange> {Jeremy Fairhand at Tira no'gath} </span>
*Establishment of Port Tosa at the site of Port Green Vale.
*<big>[[Battle of Port Tosa]]</big>
*<span style=color:green>'''''Macsen'''''</span>
*Battle of Trudana Felik-CHAD vs Azcala- The first substantial engagement between Azcala and Forces of Amber
*<span style=color:blue>{CHAD vs Azcala-Battle of Trudana Felik}</span>
[[As it Begins in the Short Game]]
*<span style=color:Purple>'''Arc of Third Jeweled Amber Campaign 5261-Present.''(2018-Present)'''''</span>
*Arrival of Vander & Carisa
*Carissa at Thin Whips with Nala and Bleys
*Vander and Carissa attends Fantalin (Carissa may too)
*<span style=color:blue> {Family Details in the Library with Arloxedra}</span>
*<span style=color:Red> '''''The Rock Guard of Bursain echoes the death of its wielder and the availability of Bursain''''' </span>
*<span style=color:blue> {A Conversation in Trasidy} </span>
*Vander receives the armor Shatterbound
*Rede and Vander meet.
*Truman appointed Ambassador to Mandalay from Amber
*<span style=color:blue> {Drums and Duty-Random & Truman}</span>
*Calrabon Velri Hunt 1.Vander, Rede, Vance, Arloxedra.  Vander gains Bird.
*Rede Assigned To Protective Service, promoted to the Elites.
*Vander & Rede take road trip to the Fane of Zilla
*Vander meets Vek
*Dalt brings Macsen out of [[Trasidy]]
*<span style=color:blue>{A conversation on Squiggles by Dworkin}</span>
*<span style=color:blue>{Jurt Ponders} </span>
The Rock Guard of Bursain echoes the death of its wielder and the availability of Bursain
*<span style=color:blue> {Musings on Bursain-Vance}</span>
*<span style=color:blue> {Doings at Thin Whip}</span>
Brand imprisoned in the Dungeons of Amber.  Awaiting trial.
*'''[[Queen Vialle's Conference with the College of Heralds]].'''
**Issues Settles: Status Queen Astrid, Status Queen Tradota, Status

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