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Set up[edit]


Its 90 years into the Reign of King Random and the Elders are still busy mopping up the left-overs from the Black Road War. The characters are young Amberites, being sent on a mission to put out one of those fires. The king has received information that a powerful artifact left over from the Black Road War was left in a particularly nasty shadow. It might be dangerous to leave it in a shadow so close to shadow earths the Elders have interests on.

The word is that the world is in the middle of an apocalypse and the item might be causing it. The governments of the world are barely recovered from the war itself and have only just started to realize that the war might not be any of the native nations fault but the truth is too bizarre for them to accept.

The item is located in a huge national prison where all the violent criminals of a world had been sent during the 20 years of the war. A federal police force surrounds the prison and just barely keeps the violence under control by keeping it within the walls. Can the young Amberites get the artifact off planet before the governments of the world lose control?


Characters will have 80 pips to spend with Pattern free. They will also have an assigned Bodyguard, a signature artifact, and access to information from a variety of NPCs.

For Player's Viewing[edit]


Convention Quick Links[edit]

Information on the world they will be tourists on [[1]]

This is for players in convention games. Since the majority of history isn't needed for limited play games take a look at these in general.

Find a parent here for your convention characters.

For Convention Characters skills are very important. They give the player and the GM a general idea of the things a character might have spent years of their lives doing in shadow.


In general im going to let a PC have a good signature piece for no pips. something they would have gotten, been given, that fills out their character concept. Figure in the 25 pip range.

Elites: In my game, Oberon, then Random, felt his children needed someone they could theoretically depend on in a fight. Also as a courier, messenger, and otherwise muscle. Especially Random since after Patternfall and becoming King he called for all his siblings to bring their kids to court. So there was an influx of young, vulnerable, cousins. Most royals have them around them but not necessarily every moment. But if they are off on an adventure they would take them. At some point some royals go and request from Random to not have an elite, as Alvah and Vek have both done for very particular reasons.

Elites are just that. Elite. They will have served a stint in the regular Amber military or the military of a Golden Circle kingdom, or in some connection to a royal. They will have attended Nasty Place, also known as Rasak, where Benedict as Marshal of Amber trains his top military personnel. See it at Benedict Personal Military Course. They will have the following abilities regardless of their other abilities.

Elite Abilities gained at Nasty Place-Rasak[edit]

  • 5 Pips Warfare-Graduates reach at Least Amber Rank in Warfare
  • 3 Pip Endurance-graduates gain at least Chaos Rank in Endurance with 5 pip toward Amber rank.
  • 2 Pip Strength-Graduates gain at least Amber Strength
  • 1 Pip Skill-Military Technology
  • 1 Pip Skill-Military Command and Communications.
  • 1 Pip Skill-Military Horsemanship
  • 1 Pip Skill-Gymnastics
  • 1 Pip Skill-Medical Training
  • 1 Pip Skill-Cooking. Butchering. General gardening. Preparation. Cast Iron. Open Fire.

PCs have the option to have attended Nasty Place. Some do because it speaks to their service to Amber. Some don't because Benedict can be a bit crazy demanding. Caine in particular does not trust Nasty Place graduates completely. If a PC wished to have attended Nasty Place they need to fit a term of service into their character concept. Being young, they might not have done so yet.


Running Sheet Blank for Convention Play Feel free to use this blank as a guideline for your character

  • Chris, son of Caine Running Sheet Chris Manny D @Manny-dkap
    • Elite-Cash Gangal-[[2]]
  • Alvah, Daughter of Delwin & Cihalas of AzcalaRunning Sheet Alvah Amber B @Amber B
    • No assigned Elite.
  • Vek, of the line of Benedict and Lintra Running Sheet Vek Michael W @Michael W - Gulliver Blackrune GM
    • No assigned Elite. Companion Cat.
  • Harmony, Daughter of Caine. Running Sheet Harmony Guy A @Guy A - Cadfael @Guy A - Nkosi
    • Need Elite.
  • 4 Rosalind, daughter of Bleys. Running Sheet Rosalind Ginger S @Ginger S (she/her)
    • Elite Malica Fin Digby
  • 5 Dorian, Son of Fiona. Running Sheet Dorian @Patrice T
    • Elite Ronic of Anar al Marat


Chris.jpg, Alvah1.jpg,Vek44.jpg, Harmony2.jpg, Rosalind.jpg, Dorian.jpg


Cash Gagal.jpg,Ronic of Anar al Marat1.jpg, Malica Fin Digby2.jpg

Game Progress[edit]

Pre Game Convos[edit]

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Game Day Hour Four[edit]


The Sword of Woe and Glee

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