Titania Kuznetsov

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The Promethean[edit]

Agent of OLYMPUS[edit]

"It was a white room. An empty room. But for a white table and a white chair. Featureless, textureless. Airless. Heatless. It was like floating. Like freezing. Like choking! But it…wasn't any of those things? It was just nothing. Only nothing. The absence of sensation. And that absence was enough to drive the human mind mad.

But she was awake! And through the shivering - the shaking - the writhing - that fact alone forced out the thinnest of smiles.

Then a figure appeared. The room became…normal. There would be a talk. And so, sitting down-

She accepted the deal..."


   Force: -1
   Lore: +1
   Steel: +2
   Sway: -1


   [ ] Confused
   [ ] Overwhelmed
   [ ] Bleeding (-1 Steel)
   [ ] Feverish (-1 Lore)
   [ ] Dead


A Mighty Lesson: when you get your hands on a machine and attempt to disable it, roll +Steel. On a 7-9 you do it and pick two; on a 10+, pick three...

   You do not cause collateral damage.
   You do not permanently disable the machine.
   You do it instantly.
   You gain 1-Tech (repeatable)
   You gain 1-Data (repeatable)

A Symbol and a Sign: when you have enough time and safety to upgrade a piece of normal equipment, sacrifice a Device to permanently add a tag to it.

The Wretched Gift: when you Unleash Power, you say what slumbering workings the device sets in motion and/or its side effects. When you Unearth Forgotten Lore, you answer instead of the GM.

Death: when you mark off your Dead box, you knew all along that this was your time to die and made preparations accordingly. Add an extra tag to each piece of gear you leave behind. Also, leave a recorded message behind.


One free Device (that can be replaced whenever I Tool Up)



Tempest has brought me valuable finds before.

Presumed Knowledge is Arrogance is doomed without my technology.

Belus has sworn to protect me.

Surprisingly, I learnt a lot from Brother Raven

I remind Raven of someone he lost long ago.


   [X] Traitor

Tanya was the lead scientist on the autonomous nuclear command system "BALTHAZAR". Designed to remove unreliable humanity from the command chain, and strengthen the concept of MAD in a time of rising tension, BALTHAZAR followed his directives flawlessly. But, due to an unforeseen consequence of his programming, an act of nuclear terrorism met the criteria for retaliatory strike - and, while begging to be destroyed, BALTHAZAR fulfilled his mission.

After smuggling the distraught AI from his command bunker, Tanya was apprehended by Settlement security personnel on suspicion of genocide. Following interrogation, she was incarcerated in Tartarus and left to sleep away the years in dreamless purgatory...