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Scene Mechanics



Plot Points

Player Plot Points BDH Dice
Orophea 1
Black Tongue 1
GM 2




A resource is a category of traits that supplements a character’s prime sets in the same manner as signature assets or specialties do. There are four types of resource: extras, locations, organizations, and props. Resources are represented usually by two or more dice of the same size, which may be used to aid a test or contest where that resource is helpful or significant. Players may choose how many resource dice to roll; any that are used are considered spent and recover later during downtime. Thus, if a character has 3d6 in a resource and uses 2d6 to aid in a test or contest, those two dice are spent, and one remains.

Resource dice are not rolled in the dice pool that they are aiding in the test or contest. They are committed before the test or contest dice pool is rolled but rolled separately; if more than one resource die is spent to aid a test or contest, only the highest rolling die is applied. This result is added to the total. Resource dice rolled in this way are spent and recover during the next bridge scene, exploration scene, or at the end of the session.

Every resource has a name, a die rating (in multiples of d6, but sometimes larger dice), and (optionally) some kind of tag or label to indicate what kind of field or quality that resource belongs to, such as Politics, Crime, Academics, or Military. If you’re using tags, each listed resource should have two of them, and they should inform you of the kind of test or contest that the resource might apply to. A GM is also free to invoke GMC resources by spending plot points to add to an opposition dice pool.