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Tomasz Mwrr is a Blooded Ven Baron affiliated with the House of the Serpent in the PbP game, HotB Light into Darkness.


The second-born of five children, Tomasz grew up in his elder brother's shadow. Alaric Burghe, the eldest, took after their mother and was Blooded under the shadow of the Bear, and was a burly mountain of a man, with a ready laugh, rippling muscles, and a complete and utter disdain for sophistry and cunning, displaying no hint of any ambition greater than to have a singular province on which to subsist and endless access to hunting grounds and wilderness to tame. Tomasz grew up idolising him, but an awareness that he would never live up to the other's promise of raw power and unbridled bonhomie, devoted himself instead to esoteric study and flourished, distinguishing himself at the great Academy at Q'naldinir.

Upon graduating with the highest honours, he was informed by his family that he would follow in the footsteps of his father, and was accepted in the House of the Serpent, where his love of the occult and strange and the hidden was fed. Interest quickly became obsession, and when the opportunity to settle the untamed Black Isles (and potentially spend the rest of his life researching the cursed sorcerer-king ruins there) came up, Tomasz was quick to bring every ounce of influence and wealth his family possessed to bear in order to secure the position.

There was, of course, no way either his family or his House was about to turn him loose on a province he had no real interest in running without some insurance. He was informed that the final formality before he could be pronounced Baron Verrara of the Black Isles would be to marry Niassa Steele, a promising young Elk noble whom he was promised would oversee all the tedious administration that came with his position to allow him to concentrate more fully on his studies. With some resignation, he assented.

He never expected to find in her a deeper enchantment than even sorcery.

Family Information[edit]

  • Dominant parent: Father, Serpent Marquis Gaeltacht Mwrr
  • Secondary parent: Mother, Bear Marquise Terassa Burghe
  • Birth Order: 2nd
  • Surviving Siblings: Alaric Burghe, eldest brother; 3 younger siblings
  • Dead Siblings: None
  • Marital Status: Married to Niassa Steele, with 2 children

Contacts & Friends[edit]


  • Bear's Strength: 3
  • Elk's Cunning: 3
  • Falcon's Courage: 2
  • Fox's Beauty: 2
  • Serpent's Wisdom: 5
  • Wolf's Prowess: X


Spring Phase (Age 18)

  • Fang of the Serpent – Tomasz, while physically unprepossessing, is an exponent of a martial art developed and kept secret by the House of the Serpent. Intense study of physiology and the kinetics of movement have yielded yet another subtle weapon to be kept in the Serpent's arsenal. This martial art emphasises sinuous evasion, lightning-quick strikes at vulnerable points (jabbing finger-strikes, jaw-like grabs, high and low whipping kicks), and preferring escape before engagement.
    • Invoke: Snake-Style kung fu!
    • Tag: Anyone who is familiar with this style can use their knowledge of its quirks against him.
    • Compel: A practitioner of this style has been conditioned not to initiate hostilities if at all possible.
  • Academy-Educated – Tomasz is one of the few elite academics who has mastered the secrets of the Trivium and Quadrivium, the Seven Sacred Arts of grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy.
    • Invoke: When called-upon for knowledge-based risks
    • Tag: Too bookish, doesn't know the 'book world' from the 'real world'
    • Compel: Fascinated by the unknown, eager to learn
  • Doting Husband – Of all the mysteries Tomasz never expected to find himself immersed in, the most dangerous and most arcane are those of love.
    • Invoke: grants dice to tasks undertaken to please or protect his wife
    • Tag: it is unfashionably gauche to actually be in love with one's spouse; tagging this Aspect enables another to take full advantage of this breach of good taste, especially in a social setting
    • Compel: He would do anything to impress Niassa. Anything.


  • The Breaker

A pair of orichalcum spurs crafted in long-forgotten antiquity for some unknowable purpose, they leave wounds that heal slowly. If at all.


I Bear Wisdom's Price
The Softest Spot
Serpent's Kiss


Tomasz is Baron of Verrara, a province by the sea

  • Highmont Seat
    • Castle 1
  • Grantabridge
    • Village 1
  • Sweetlea Farm
    • Farm 1
  • Eldwood Forest
    • Forest 1
  • Highmont Range
    • Mountain 1
  • Redsea Plain
    • Plains 2
  • The Howling Depths
    • Ruin 1
  • The Jangler's Fen
    • Swamp 1

For more information, visit the Domain page.


  • Staff
    • Staff 3
  • The Scales
    • Roadmen 2

For more information, visit the Vassal page.

Friendly Game?[edit]

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