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Among the well known products of the region is the ''Ichilian Bow'', a short recurve bow suitable for use from hunting blinds and from horse back.  Traditionally a hunting bow it became the main weapon of Michotl's Red Band of Archers who provided the death blow to the Red Hand Clan.  since then they have become the main body of archers for the Empire of Tosa.
Among the well known products of the region is the ''Ichilian Bow'', a short recurve bow suitable for use from hunting blinds and from horse back.  Traditionally a hunting bow it became the main weapon of Michotl's Red Band of Archers who provided the death blow to the Red Hand Clan.  since then they have become the main body of archers for the Empire of Tosa.
===Kingdom of Eldomior===
The Kingdom of Eldomior once spanned the secondary continent of Tosa and supported a empire that dealt in powerful magics.
=='''The Neutral Place'''==
=='''The Neutral Place'''==

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The Tosa/York shadow system is a major shadow system of Amber. York is a fairly distant Shade of Amber where the Amber realm has fallen, and three other major realms exist, each having been created with the use of the Jewel of Judgment shadow from that realm. The inscribed realms are York & Plymouth, and Tosa, each having been created while the Shade Amber still stood. Another construct, the Neutral Place, is connected to York and Tosa.


  • York-A minor primal realm, created by a Shadow of the Jewel of Judgment, existing in the remaining shadows of a fallen Shade of Amber; Amber al Atan.

In the shadows of Amber are many Shade realms and in them many things have happened. York is the center of its realm of existence with a royal family led by Tolknor of York. It is a Primal Realm, created by Tolknor which existed before the Shade of Amber that was once the center of this shadow veil was destroyed.

Before creating York Tolknor attempted to forge a new pattern, using the Jewel of Judgment of that Shade but failed in the attempt, creating a squiggle of order called Plymouth(T/Y. Plymouth was an incomplete creation, with millions of shadows devoid of animal life.

Eventually Tolknor succeeded in creating York before the the war between Koob and and the Shade Amber.

*Koob and his war against a Shade Amber. There is a long complex history of the wars between this Amber and High Lord Koob of Chaos. In the end Random was defeated and chased into exile where he took the name Hazarda[[1]]. He abdicated to Tolknor who lead a last ditch attempt to save the power artifacts of this Amber before creating a controlled destruction of the Pattern itself, transferring the powers of the pattern, with its permission, to the pattern of York. This allowed him to enact Founder's Right, perfectly protecting York from further assaults by Koob of Chaos.

Lord Koob gave Tolknor, the last King of Amber, permission to let the people leave as long as the pattern was destroyed. After the war a new High Lord took over Chaos, named Nur al Din El musifar- Nur the Traveler. Nur has a blood relationship with Tolknor and has assayed the Pattern of York.

  • A connection between the Tosain worlds and the new realms was created because of its proximity in shadow by the two creations of Plymouth and York.


Cosmologically Tosa is a giant segment of shadow that probably interacted with the Shade of Amber that it is now linked to York. However, when Tosa is spoken of it is one particular shadow that is generally being spoken of. Tosa Prime it is often called but that term is not used by its natives. The dynastic rise and fall of nations, tribes and empires led to one conquerer taking control of the planet and in time the surrounding worlds, by magical and technological travel. This conquerer is Alexandir Kos Korag. Born a blacksmith's son he became an adventurer and gained companions who used their varied powers to aid his rise. The riegn of King Alexandir is currently 2000 years old.

Tosa is a large world with a number of city sates that became the centers of first small nations, then through the process of war and conquest great nations.

It is the birth-world of Tolknor, founder of York.

The City of Wall, Tosa is the birthplace of the Palace Commons and CHAD

Fairhand's Folly[edit]

Fairhand's Folly is a massive Tavern complex in the Eldimor region of Itara, Tosa. Tosian-York It is a haven for adventurers heading into the Advernturer's Region.

Duchy of the Reese[edit]

The Reese is a section of the southeastern of the main continent of Tosa. Mostly a rural region providing grains and vegetables to much of the continent it has three large urban areas; Cable, Cantrin, and Sangoosa. Sangoosa was destroyed in the Orc Wars and the region around it saw much of the worst ravages in the decade it took a group of adventurers to lead armies todestroy the Gray Hand Orc clans.

After the Orc Wars were completed the Emperor of Wall, Emperor Alexandir, created the Reese as a duchy and bestowed it on Dame Harriet of the Reese. While Harriet was not necessarily the hero of the wars her accolade came because of her fierce love for her homeland and the effort she mad convincing greater warriors to eradicate the Orc menace.

the Principality of Ichil[edit]

Covering most of the western edge of the main Tosian continent and many of the Western and Southern Isles, the Princiality of Ichl is the home of the Fairhands and Micholt the Red.

The rich region is the breadbasket of Tosa. It is also the home of the Red Hand clan of Orcs. During the long orc wars Dolki Fairhand led the way to the destruction of the entire Red Hand Clan. Among the main combatants besides Dolki was Jeremy Lockpick Fairhand and his son Venki. Micholt the Red Archer was born to a hunting family in the mountains and became the bane of orcs with long distance death so fierce when he touched the world Stone he became the god of Archers.

Among the well known products of the region is the Ichilian Bow, a short recurve bow suitable for use from hunting blinds and from horse back. Traditionally a hunting bow it became the main weapon of Michotl's Red Band of Archers who provided the death blow to the Red Hand Clan. since then they have become the main body of archers for the Empire of Tosa.

Kingdom of Eldomior[edit]

The Kingdom of Eldomior once spanned the secondary continent of Tosa and supported a empire that dealt in powerful magics.

The Neutral Place[edit]

Further cosmological connections exist that connect York and Tosa as well as thousands of other realms. The Neutral Place. This is a place certainly deep in shadow since it lacks elements outside itself like planets and worlds and such. It is a 500 mile long building with bars spread through many different architectural styles. Interior spaces, exterior spaces, different suns, different moons. The proprietor is called Mac, but he is a deity of this realm with unlimited powers. He is invariably friendly.

A main feature of The Neutral Place is each area has great doors or archways, clearly designated as portals that passing through delivers the traveler to a different world, or different places in a world. The areas of the structure relate thematically to the doors available in a section. The traveler can purchase a Neutral Place ring for a single copper coin. In practice one passes through the door to transport to the planet, and calls on the ring to transport them to the Neutral Place.

Mac has one idiosyncrasy. For reasons he refuses to discuss if a Xenomorph {creature in the Alien franchise} enters the Neutral Place it is immediately confiscated and pressed into service. They become scrupulously clean, polite, speak the common tongue. Realm lords have complained to no effect. ((GMs and Players learned to not test me on bringing them in)) Mac's Bar

CHAD-Clean Halls and Dens[edit]

This is a Mercenary Guild based in the City of Wall on the planet of New Wall, a realm connected to the Neutral Place. It numbers millions of troops and hires troops with many specialties. Many of the members are Adventurers from a wide range of Gamer Worlds connected to the Neutral Place.

((GM-Note: Clearly these were the game worlds of a dozen or so different GMs. I worked in a game store in the early to mid '80s and managed one from the early to mid 90s. PCs from various worlds used the Neutral Place to travel from game world to game world. Its how things get done.

Saint of Battle[edit]


The Saints of Battle are warriors who have achieved a signature victorious battle or signature heroic defeat, considered mighty enough by the other Saints of Battle to accord them this peerage. It is considered a Knighthood in nearly all Tosain & York realms. In many realms the arrival of a Saint of Battle causes opposing warriors to rethink the question of conflict.

Warriors can achieve many awards. 3 Awards are required to be invited to the Council of Battle and vote on new recipients. Current members of the Council of Battle include King Alexandir KosKorag, Mitchot Kandif, Jake Whitetail, Kirgor the Red, Peredur, Conf, Grog, Mikon, and many others.

The only notification of an award is its sudden arrival, with the objects of the accolade.

The accoutrement of the accolade[edit]

The award comes in a box of rare woods of different kinds.

  • The main emblem is a solid gold "S" in the form of the Saint's insignia.
  • There are a dozen "S" sigil that will affix to armor, clothes, equipment, and almost anything. however, no more then the number of accolades the holder has will affix to any one item. Such, that while a holder may affix a emblem to 4 clocks, he may not affix 2 to one cloak.
  • There is utility knife similar to a complicated swiss army knife.
  • There is a shoulder draped cloak with a full sized symbol-(Similar to a fencing cloak.)
  • There is a signet ring.

Crowned Bards[edit]

  • In the Tosian/York realms a Bard receives his first crown upon the completion of special rites.(23rd level) And the rank Crowned Bard

From there is was a matter of politics if further crowns were awarded.

  • Another crown would be rewarded if one became the Arch-Bard of a realm. Such as Venki Fairhand for The Empire of Tosa and Fortunadas Enright for Kingdom of York. Twice Crown Bard
  • A third crown, creating a Thrice Crowned Bard, would mean the bard was the chief bard of a spacial realm, such as the Tosian Multiverse or the York Shadow Realms.

Such titles might only be temporary but once awarded remained part of their Bardic legend. As is the case for both Fotunadas and Venki, neither of whom are national or spacial prime bards any longer after achieving higher levels of awareness. Both have stepped aside from the positions of leadership that the titles imply. This is similiar to the case where retired presidents are still called Mr President.

Warrior Core and Lord Gladiators Association[edit]

The Warrior Core and Lord Gladiators Association are common throughout the Tosian/York realms and is found at many levels. Geshekais the center of this cultural activity and is considered by most participants and enthusiasts to be the top rung of the scale.

Realm Specific Elements and Magical Artifacts[edit]

Elemental Stones[edit]

Among the shadows of York are deep and wide veins of gems that touch places of raw elemental power. These stones can be forged into stones that can channel elemental attacks when properly mounted near a sentient creature's brain. They look like a 1' wide stone.

Once mounted the wielder can channel significant amounts of the element the stone is connected to. Frequency of attacks depends on wielder's psyche.

    • Red Stones channel fireballs.
    • Blue Stones channel water balls. While the water is dramatically less damaging then other elements it has considerable force to move and sirupt the activities of targets. Also water channeled is guaranteed pure and fresh and is an excellent way to fill barrels, and pools.
    • Green Stones channel a powerful corrosive acid.
    • White Stones channel ice force, causing freezing damage as well as freezing small bodies of water.
    • Purple Stones channel a thick choking smoke of a purple color.

Swords of Colossal Excavation[edit]


  • A Tosian weapon-maker of the Dolsin region, Ugala Nok, received a boon from a archmage and by mangling his request he gained the power to create one type of magical item in only two form. The two forms were spade and sword. The magic he could imbue was colossal excavation. In a spade it could help create a hole quickly, though it was tiring to use. In a sword it had unexpected results. The sword cut huge swaths from foes. It tears apart armor at the rivets, shreds leather, passes through chainmail like butter, magical armors only slowing them a little. On flesh it does something approximate to 5 times the damage a normal blade of its size and form. The wielder of the blade received magical healing equal to the damage he inflicts. Is immune to decapitation. They receive energy, and a glee in battle. Often the wielder is unable to stop fighting till all foes are defeated. After which they often lapse into exhaustion.
  • The swords of Colossal Excavation became prized heirlooms. Many families used them as swords of state.
  • A Pandybat is a weapon more dangerous to the user then the foe. The Swords of Colossal Excavation have always had that reputation, but they still have a reputation as a weapon of terror on the field.

Rearden Metal[edit]


    • Rearden Metal is a alloy of iron and copper processed to create an industrial metal far beyond the best high tensile steels. It has a tensile strength far beyond the best high grades of stainless steel, and is a quarter as light. It is a difficult alloy to create for medieval style metal workers and most of it comes from highly technological worlds. Having arrived in magical realms in ingot, bar, or plate form, it can be worked magically.
    • Rearden is created magically in some worlds. There are many spells that cause metals to become malleable and Reardan is one of the most commonly used metals for this.
    • While not a precious metal in itself it is often used in jewelry and magical weapons and armor.
    • Rearden Metal has a certain cultural cache in Yorkian shadows where some groups idolize it for numerous reasons. Jake Whitetail[[2]] has a hard shock troop of Centaurs armed in Rearden breastplates.

Monsters of York[edit]


There are 3 elemental creatures that generate withing the realms despite being repeatedly destroyed. The Ravers Kagath, Dreal, and Gandat are beleived to be part of the divergence of the Pattern of York from the Shade of Amber-Fallen and its difference from the true pattern of Amber. Beasts of great power, they are able to posses and control other creatures and are extraordinarily difficult to defeat. Once defeated the victor is imprinted by the forces of the universe with a green mithril tree on their forehead. They can be removed by the King of York using the Yorkian Jewel of Judgment.

Jeweled Trolls[edit]

Jeweled Trolls are war trolls that have a power stone mounted in their forehead. This allows them to use magical attacks. These stone eating Trolls live in a region where these powerful stones exist. As they devour stone they eat the stones and they move to th front of their head and have a direct connection to their brain. These are extremely dangerous creatures in and incredibly dangerous region.

  • Red: Fire Balls
  • Blue: Lighting Bolts
  • Green: Acid Blast
  • White: Freezing Blast
  • Yellow: Noxious Cloud
  • Crackled: a Mixture of 2 or 3 of the other stones.


In the Tosian/York universes the creatures called xenomorphs, from the movie Aliens disappear as soon as the enter the realms by what ever method they come.

  • They immediately teleport to Mac's Bar, where Mac uses his powers to clean them up and make them bartender/security guards/custodians.