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Main; The Prax Adventure

Did I give you training rules before? I know I mentioned that I just have you pay X amount to train so many hours. Then you get a normal skill check (not automatic). It works nicely and is far less fiddly than the official RQ3 rules.

Let's just say that one training session costs 10 L for skills 0-25%, 20 L for skills 25-50%, 40 L for skills 51-75%. Most skills can't be trained above 75%.

You can train 1 skill while carrying a full-time job per week. You can train 3 skills if you aren't working.

Most likely, you'll need multiple sessions to get an actual increase, so plan accordingly.

Attributes: spend a season training and attribute (replaces 1 skill slot) and you can an attribute increase roll: just like a POW gain roll.

Cult skills: cost half for initiates.