Transformers (with Cortex Prime)

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A game set in the Transformers Universe using Cortex Prime

GMed by I.M.Goose

It is the year 2025, and the Autobots and Decepticons have signed a peace treaty after the end of the war on Earth with the loss of both factions' leaders. Megatron is believed to be dead and Optimus Prime has handed over the reins of command to Ultra Magnus and departed for stars unknown.

Of course such a peace is fragile at best and their are those on both sides who do not want the fighting to stop or have decided to make their own power plays, as well as threats from other races that threaten to disrupt the peace. To deal with these threats the Autobots and Decepticons have created a Joint Task Force to investigate and deal with them as necessary. Into this steps our heroes, a squad of JTF operatives.

Mods & Character Creation

Static Difficulty is in effect.

Every charatcer has 3 distinctions as well as the below Attributes, Roles, and Abilities.


- Strength

- Intelligence

- Speed

- Courage

- Endurance

- Skill (Physical dexterity)

- Firepower


- Commander (Decision making, inspiring, talking with authority)

- Engineer (Repairs, fixing & building equipment, jury-rigging)

- Scientist (Understanding aliens & weird phenomena)

- Scout (Sneaking, reconnaissance)

- Soldier (Combat & Use of explosives)

- Diplomat (Negotiating and political savvy)


Every character has access to the Transform ability at D8.

[SFX] Speed: You're just faster with wheels under your chasis. When you transform into vehicle form, step up Speed from d6 to d8 Limit: Disable Humanoid Abilities.

In addition, all characters should have 2 SFX from one ability at d12, or one SFX from two abilities at d8 and d6 respectively.

Our Heroes

To be completed

[[ Longview played by Muskrat

Snowplow played by [brahnamin] played by brahnamin

Known Factions


Heroic Cybertronian resistance fighters. Currently attempting to build a new future from their city on Earth under the command of Ultra Magnus.


Warlike army formally under the leadership of Megatron. Now fractured into various factions under different warlords, but the largest group is led by Starscream.


The Earth Defense Force is an international organisation devoted to identifying and neutralising alien threats to humanity.

Known Locations


Hope planet of the Transformers. Currently an inactive world, ravaged by millions of years of conflict and left depleted of energon.


Home to a strange race of tiny organics called 'humans'. Some are friendly towards alien outsiders, some not so much.

- Autobot City The Autobot base of operations on Earth, hidden in a valley in the Rocky Mountains behind a holo-field.

- Luna Base Located on Earth's moon, this base serves as the JTF's command centre.

Known NPCs


Autobot lieutenant and law enforcement officer. Infamous for his hard-nosed nature and is a seasoned security operative. One of the two co-commanders of the Joint Task Force along with his Decepticon counterpart, Soundwave.


Decepticon communications commander and espionage expert. Secretive, monotoned and calculating. Decepticon co-commander with Prowl.

Ultra Magnus

Autobot supreme commander. Trying to maintain the peace.


Current leader of the largest faction of the Decepticons.