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Alignment: Autobot (technically Prime aligned)
Beast Mode: Wolf
Appearance and demeanor: Thunderhowl is a giant among giants, stocky and heavy, so don't expect any flips from him. His body is mostly black, with a bit of blue and silver in places. His main weapons, the electro sword and his shield are both integrated into is body for easy transport, with the blade stored in the wolf head and the shield making up his hide. His also has a battle visor that slides into place on command. His wolf mode is mostly black and rather obviously alien, not making for a good disquise, but it's dark coloration means that at least it's not that visible in darkness.
Thunderhowl was a loal knight to his liege Prime. While some scoffed at his beastial alt mode, none could deny his loyalty or strenght. Not that he was an unlikeable guy, he was a courageous fighter and upholded his code at every moment possible. Sent on a quest to a faraway planet to find 'something', his personal ship 'The Avalon' was in somesortof accident, resulting in Thunderhowl falling into a deep stasis lock and waking up on an unfammiliar world in an unfamiliar time with several gaps in his memory.
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  • Wolf out of Temporal Water d8/d4: You awoke in a time and place where you ae alien. Empires have risen and fallen while you slumbered, your liege's time is long over. Yet looking at the past, might be the only way to see the way forward.
    • SFX: Knowledge lost to time: Spend 1 PP to create an 'I've seen that before!' d8 asset.
  • Forged for War d8/d4: You were born different from most, your frame larger than the rest, an alt mode that never fit in. You built and size give tremendous strenght, yet it feels like you could crush something simply by touching it.
    • SFX: Giant Strength: When engaging in any contest involving strength spend 1 PP to double or step up your Strength die for the action.
  • Knight of the Primes d8/d4: You serve the will of the Matrix and it's bearers. Those who bear it are the chosen of Primus, our link to our creator and it is our duty to serve in it's interests before our own. For all are one.
    • SFX: Knight’s Code: Gain a PP when you inconvenience yourself following your code.


Strength: 1d10
Intelligence: 1d6
Speed: 1d6
Courage: 1d8
Endurance: 1d8
Skill (Physical dexterity): 1d6
Firepower: 1d4


Commander (Decision making, inspiring, talking with authority): 1d8
Engineer (Repairs, fixing & building equipment, jury-rigging): 1d6
Scientist (Understanding aliens & weird phenomena): 1d4
Scout (Sneaking, reconnaissance): 1d6
Soldier (Combat & Use of explosives): 1d10
Diplomat (Negotiating and political savvy): 1d6


  • Knight’s Arms d8: Thunderhowl carries a large electro blade and a large shield into battle.
    • Limit: Gear: Shut down Knight's Arms and gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity to recover Knight's Arms.
  • Fangs and Claws d6: Thunderhowl's wolf mode posses powerful claws and fangs, plus due to the hilt of the electrosword being made out of the wolf mode's head, Thunderhowl can inbue his bite with powerfull electric currents.
    • SFX: Electrified Bite: Add a D6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back highest die in pool by –1. Step up Physical Stress/Complication inflicted by +1.
    • Limit: Beastial Weapons: Can only be used in Beast Mode.
  • Transform d8: Thunderhowl transforms into a large black wolf, increasing is speed, but loosing the dexterity that comes with having opposable thumbs.
    • SFX: Quadrupedal Quickness: When you transform into beast mode step up Speed from a d6 to a d8.
    • Limit: Loss of thumbs: Disable humanoid abilities.

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