Tribe 8 (1st ed) - The Fallen

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A game run by strangebehaviour using Tribe 8 (1st edition), following a group of newly Fallen as they try to find a place in the world.

The PCs

Current PCs

  • Connor
  • Edda
  • Florence
  • Fox
  • Kyle
  • Marz

Former PCs

  • Jinn
  • Tans



Important Locations

The Circle of the Chosen - situated in a forest that borders Tribal and Z'bri lands, the circle of stripped posts stands in a clearing and is where the Fallen and other "volunteers" are left to placate the Z'bri.

Hom - located on an island in the south, Hom is the home of the Eighth Tribe of Fallen.

The Hunting Paths - Tribal hunting lands that are jealously guarded.

The Rust Wastes - land to the north-east of the Tribal lands, where Keepers roam the ruins of the World Before, and it's said the air is poison and the rain is red as blood.

The Seven Fingers - Joanite watchtowers on the ruin of an elevated highway.


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