Tribe 8 (1st ed) - The Fallen

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A game run by strangebehaviour using Tribe 8 (1st edition), following a group of newly Fallen as they try to find a place in the world.

Started: 31st August 2020.

The PCs

Current PCs

  • Connor[1] - former Magdalite
  • Florence[2] - former Yagan
  • Fox[3] - former Terasheban
  • Kyle[4] - former Dahlian

Former PCs

  • Jinn[5] - former Evan
  • Tans
  • Edda[6] - former Dahlian
  • Marz[7] - former Joanite


  • Kaden - A Yagan bonecrafter
  • Tallulah - Former favourite of Agnes
  • Fiona, Gawain, Okwi - a trio ofJoanite scouts
  • Brinna - Keeper matriarch
  • Alex and Jackson - Brinna's grandchildren

Important Locations

The Circle of the Chosen - situated in a forest that borders Tribal and Z'bri lands, the circle of stripped posts stands in a clearing and is where the Fallen and other "volunteers" are left to placate the Z'bri.

Hom - located on an island in the south, Hom is the home of the Eighth Tribe of Fallen.

The Hunting Paths - Tribal hunting lands that are jealously guarded.

The Rust Wastes - land to the north-east of the Tribal lands, where Keepers roam the ruins of the World Before, and it's said the air is poison and the rain is red as blood.

The Seven Fingers - Joanite watchtowers on the ruin of an elevated highway.

Rules of the Table

Post Frequency I aim to update twice a week on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday so am asking for a posting commitment of twice a week. While I may post more often (for example if an individual player is talking to an NPC, or if everyone's been on) there's no expectation for players to do so.

Ettiquette Please don't post thoughts or actions for other people's characters without their permission. Metagaming (bringing OOC knowledge into IC actions) is frowned upon.

PVP Any PVP requires consent from all parties involved. It's up to the player being acted against to decide if they're going to let it stand, act it out IC, or make the other player roll for it. If they say no to PVP, no PVP.

Absences Please keep an eye on the absences thread, as I'll post there if I'm not going to be able to update the game (even if I don't get to it on the OOC). If you're not going to be able to post for a while, please let me know via the absences or OOC thread so I don't start wondering if you've ghosted.

Alerts They don't work! Additionally, if you get an alert and don't check the thread you won't get another one. Please keep an eye on the threads either by checking them manually every so often, or via the Watched Threads page (the latter is especially useful if you're in more than one game).

Any issues, please feel free to bring them up on the OOC thread, or DM me.


IC thread[8]

OOC thread[9]