Tribe 8 (1st ed) - The Fallen Florence

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Name: Florence (formerly Florence Lenakin Skath'on)

Former Tribe: Yagan

First Eminence: Fate

Outlook: Lightbringer

Second Eminence: Unity

ATTRIBUTES: Agility +1 Appearance 0 Build -1 Creativity +1 Fitness 0 Influence +1 Knowledge +1 Perception +1 Psyche +1 Willpower +1

SKILLS: Craft (Tattoo) 2 Dance 1 Dodge 1 Dreaming 2 (complex) Etiquette 1 Healing 1 Herbalism 2 (complex) Lore (Yagan Tribe) 1 (complex) Melee 1 Mythology 1 (complex) Notice 1 Ritual 2 (complex) Speak (Tribal) 2 (0 SP) Synthesis 1 (3 SP)

SECONDARY TRAITS: Strength: 0 Health: 1 Stamina: 25 Unarmed Damage: 2 Armed Damage: 3 Flesh Wounding Score: 13 Deep Wounding Score: 25 Instant Death Score: 50 System Shock: 6

PERKS/FLAWS: Quirk: Talks to her mother's skull when she needs comfort or advice. (+1 SP)

Florence is a 22-year-old white woman with fair hair. She shaves the left side of her head to show off her tattoos and lets the rest grow long. She gathers it into a knot at the back of her head when she needs it out of the way. She is short and scrawny, and has many tattoos depicting symbols of death, Yagan glyphs, and pictograms showing legends and myths of the Tribes. There is a scar in the palm of her right hand partly concealed by a red tattoo of an open eye.

As this is autumn, she wears several ragged skirts of various colours and a worn but warm woolen sweater. For rituals, she wears a robe made from the remains of a greatcoat which has lost its sleeves and been sewn closed at the front. The hem is decorated with bones, raven feathers and other small trinkets.

She carries a machete for personal defence and a ritual knife made from a long shard of green glass set into a wooden handle. In a satchel at her hip, she carries her mother's skull, her most precious possession. She knows she always has Mother with her when she needs advice.

Florence often plays up to the stereotype of the spooky Yagan with eerie visions. She knows it's a powerful archetype and she can use it. By nature, she is a happy person when all is well. She likes people, but she's not necessarily all that good at talking to them. She gets distracted by what she perceives of the River of Dreams and has to guard herself not to blurt them out. She knows it unnerves people so she tries not to do that.

Florence is a former member of the Yagan tribe. She was trained as a ritual tattooist and assistant to the priesthood, her connection with the River of Dream was strong and saw her assisting in rituals and prophetic rituals. But as with every exile, something went wrong for her.

One of the elders read something in one of Florence's tattoos, the pictograms depicting the mythology of the tribes, the coming of the Fatimas and the liberation from the camps. She declared it blasphemous - Florence does not know why. She was tried before a council of the elders and declared outcast. They dragged her to the edge of the Hunting Grounds, nailed her right hand to a post and left her to be devoured by beasts or the Z'bri as befits a "heretic and blasphemer".

Hanging from post, she thought Baba Yaga came to her and looked upon her with scorn before tearing Florence's tongue from her mouth and carrying it away with her. In her delirium, she seemed to find herself speaking before a throng of of strangers, her words a torrent that poured out despite her injury.

She tore herself free from the nails and fled to learn what she needed to say and to whom she needed to say it.