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M:tAw - Shadows of the Watchtowers[edit]

Welcome to the World of Darkness Mage SHADOWS OF THE WATCHTOWERS campaign wiki. This wiki site is a resource for a play-by-post tabletop fantasy role-playing game to run a mage game set in the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. The goal of this wiki site is to form a repository of information about the game that is easily accessible and editable to the entire game group.

Shadows of the Watchtowers Setting Background[edit]

Location: The Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul

Themes: Paranoia, Factionalism, Megacorporations vs. local business

Background: the Twin Cities are far from alike, and would much rather not share their uncomfortable geographical proximity. Sleeper institutions engage in petty displays of political power, with the intent of one-upping each other and accomplishing absolutely no practical good. In the real world, this trend started slowing in the 60s, in the World of Darkness it never stopped: government officials of each of the two cities do their best to impede their neighbours, and there is even a certain enmity between the populations of both cities: Saint Paulites tend to look down on Minneapolis' problem with crime and high inmigrant population, while those of that city think their neighbors are insufferable snobs.

This tension is clearly reflected in the Twin Cities' Awakened community, some even theorize that the conflict between the Cities is caused by the conflict among the willworkers. Because Minneapolis has been a Free Council city ever since the foundation of that Order, a powerful libertine cabal entrenching themselves in the budding city during the Nameless War, while St. paul remains firmly in the grip of the Silver Ladder, under the rule of an especially draconic Hierarch. Although open warfare is practical for neither the Assembly of Minneapolis nor St Paul's Consillium, a cold war has been ongoing for a century now, with no hope for reconciliation in sight. The Free Council and the Silver Ladder make great displays of their contempt for one another, while the Adamantine Arrow is split in half after a brutal schism, one side supporting the libertines and the other the Consillium, the Guardians of the Veil infiltrate both sides equally and try to keep the conflict from invoking too many Paradoxes, and the Mysterium simply tries to go on with their thing while avoiding the stringent laws and political maneuvering of both sides.

If the antagonism between the two cities didn't foster enough paranoia, the focus the Orders have on fighting each other in the Twin Cities has left it wide open to the Seers Throne, who have established a power base on both cities large enough to threaten all the Orders... yet not enough for them to ally to fight the common enemy. The Seers control most of the big business in the Twin Cities, using magic to gain contro lof the local branches of the megacorporations, accumulating money and influence while the Orders are relegated to hiding in the dwindling businesses out of the reach of the enemy. "Trust no unaffiliated mage" is the guide for survival here, necessity styming the cries for individuality in the presence of monolothic and, at the same time, mistrusted, Orders.

The Player Characters[edit]

Dramatis Personae[edit]

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Important Groups in Minneapolis[edit]

The Minneapolis Free Thought Revolutionary Party

Important Groups in Saint Paul[edit]

Orders in the Twin Cities[edit]

Orders in the Twin Cities





You Would Play: A new cabal attending either the Consillium or the Assembly, or trying to avoid both, acting by their mere existence as a destabilizing element that both factions want for themselves... or for no one. Meanwhile, in the shadows, the Seers of the Throne make pacts with things from beyond the world, hoping to break the Awakened community of the Twin Cities once and for all... and unless the two factions can resolve their differences, the Exarchs will certainly succeed.