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Decrypting file...accessing text...[edit]

Entry 1 (January 2072)[edit]

If you're reading this, I am likely dead or in a deep, dark hole somewhere. Last week, I was wondering whether I'd be paying the rent on my shitty little hovel in Fremont. Now, I've got both sides of the law breathing down my neck. Yesterday, I had met my usual employer [Paku] for pho and a chance at some quick nuyen. It started smoothly enough when I met with him and a few others. Apparently he needed an actual team for this, too bad he wasn't the type to do more than throw us together. At the very least, he got me a couple of cool heads that knew their job. I knew the bubbleheaded wannabe wizkid was trouble, though. She came in to play hacker when the grownups were getting to work and got herself burned.

Not more than a few hours after we got together, the kid got herself in the lockup for good. If it weren't for Ling Ling's quick talk, we'd probably be there with her. Fortunately, we managed to get out more or less ok but now they have the kid's link and all the incriminating data that it holds. Which is a lot, since she got us plans and swapped messages. Now, we've got a two-for-one special of a run: Break into the Tacoma PD (cue laugh track) before forensics gets its fingers into our pie. THEN we need to do the actual run, which involves finding a needle (mini-fridge) in a haystack (facility encompassing 3 massive warehouses). A well guarded haystack at that and one mired in the disgusting veil of Tacoma's... aroma.

Even worse, the fridge has Blood Ice in it. This blood magic reagent is nasty shit and doesn't belong in the world, much less the streets. I've half a mind to do the world a favor and just torch the damned thing.