Tyler Smials

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King's Privy Secretary, Keeper of the Privy Seal. Cupbearer.

Meticulous, precise, humorous, and proper all describe Tyler. He tirelessly works at keeping Random on track, never an easy task, and is sometimes whispered to be the real power behind the throne. It is joked that he signs Random's name better and more often then Random does himself. A jest that is not too far off the mark.

Tyler is often the person bringing people into Random's presence, especially if its in the royal quarters. He is one of the few people on the "No Knock List" for the king's door.

Tyler is quiet but strong, polite, but insistent. Some people consider him elitist, officious, and snobbish, but those people generally have run afoul of him. Most people in Amber have learned that if they are contacted by Tyler it is easiest to just do as he suggests.

He served for the last 200 years of Oberon's reign as the King's Privy Secretary. He assumed that role after nearly 1000 year in various positions within the bureaucracy of the Kingdom of Amber. He has been the chief of staff to numerous Ambassadors.

He served all of Eric's reign as Cupbearer, fighting by his side when he died for Amber. In the Portrait Gallery is a portrait of him smacking a chaos creature with a cast iron skillet.

Served during the confusing Interregnum after Eric's death. Stayed in the Castle during Oberon's repair of the Pattern. Little is spoken of the time of . More can be found in this discussion of the Interregnum and the Repair

He now serves his third king.

Tyler does not carry a military bearing, and does not interact with the military elements of the nobles or the general public except in the pursuance of his duties. Not antagonistic to the military, but he is often a contact the non-military elements of Amber speak to the deal with issues with the military.

Tyler is a foody and probably casts shadows of foodies. He spends what little free time he has in the kitchens of Amber underfoot. He owns several restaurant across Amber and in Shadow. He is connected financially to Diega Raks and is partly responsible for its development along one of the main caravan routes into Arden. He has a reserved table in a corner of Sea View Garden that operates as an official point of contact for him.

Despite this, it is important to remember that in his youth Tyler Smials not only served in the military but was in the Elites[[1]] for the last two years of his military service. He also fought beside King Eric when he defended amber and sacrificed his life.

Recently Tyler Smails became a member of the Amber College of Heralds

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