Umbral Domains: Changeling

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Canon Compatible[edit]

New/Revised Kiths, Adhenes, Gallain, etc.[edit]

New/Revised Powers[edit]


Revised Realms

New Abilities

New Merits





Arts à la Carte - Allowing the choice of individual cantrips rather than whole arts.

Morphean Arts - More flexible Arts.

Cantrip Attributes By Bunk - Alternate attribute system for Cantrips.

Settings & Setting Elements[edit]

Chimera in Autumn - Physical interactions of Chimera with the Autumn World.

Realms & Spirits - In theory Changelings may enter the Umbra and interact with Spirits. This is a brief clarification of how the Realms affect Spirits.

Realms & Chimera - A clarification of how various Realms interact with Chimera, particularly in the Dreaming. Both this topic and the Realms & Spirits one were at one time hotly debated.

Canon Incompatible[edit]

New/Revised Kiths, Adhenes, Gallain, etc.[edit]

Lycanthrops - Were-creatures as a type of fae. A perspective different than that presented in either Werewolf: the Apocalypse, or the Changeling core book.


Dark (Ages) Arts - Changeling Arts and Realms, now with a Dark Ages: Fae twist. Also includes alot of other changes to the setting.

Dark (Ages) Arts (v2) - Changeling Arts and Realms, now with a Dark Ages: Fae twist. By popular demand this version is alot more canon compatible.


Ambient Glamour - Alternate methods for Changelings to gain Glamour, in this case from the environment rather than from specific individual humans.

Settings & Setting Elements[edit]

True Chrysalis - What if Changelings weren't fae spirits posessing human hosts? What if they were something different?

Shadows of a Dream - What if the Changeling Way ritual never became popular? Or the Resurgance? What if Fae were only occasional visitors to the Autumn World and instead Kinain played a greater role?

Recommended Reading[edit]


Mythic History: Conquest of Ireland - A short summary of the peopling of Ireland by various mythical groups, including the Formorians, Firbolg, and Tuatha De Danann.


Scattered Dreams - These pages pretty thorough introduction to many of the powers, character types, and other concepts involved involved in the Changeling universe. Also a handy reference guide.

The Right to Dream - The Right to Dream contains many supplimental rules and character sheets. But more importantly it contains quite a bit of erreta and some developer commentary for various officially published books.


White Wolf[edit]

I know that technically all canon material should really be recommended, however the books indicated below are the ones that have been most influential in creating [Umbral Domains] material. Books are listed in order of percieved importance:

Changeling: the Dreaming. 2nd ed. Lemke, Ian, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[1]

Dreams and Nightmares.Martin, R.S., Neil Mick, and Jim Moore. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[2]

Denizens of the Dreaming. Howard, Christopher, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1999.[3]

Players Guide. Brucato, Phil, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[4]

Changeling Storytellers Guide. Hunter, Mark, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1998.[5]

Kithbook: Nockers. Howard, Christopher, and Ethan Skemp. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[6]

The Enchanted. Kenson, Steve. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[7]

Inanime: the Secret Way. Barret, Rob, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1998.

Other Books[edit]

The Broken Sword, Anderson, Poul

Little, Big, Crowley, John

Modern Classics of Fantasy, Ed. Dozois, Gardner (several stories closely relate to things fae)

Celtic Myths & Legends, Rolleston, T.W., Studio Editions Ltd, 1994

--Peter K. 12:06, 30 April 2006 (PDT)