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Canon Compatible

New/Revised Kiths, Adhenes, Gallain, etc.

New/Revised Powers


Revised Realms

New Abilities

New Merits





Arts à la Carte - Allowing the choice of individual cantrips rather than whole arts.

Morphean Arts - More flexible Arts.

Cantrip Attributes By Bunk - Alternate attribute system for Cantrips.

Settings & Setting Elements

Chimera in Autumn - Physical interactions of Chimera with the Autumn World.

Realms & Spirits - In theory Changelings may enter the Umbra and interact with Spirits. This is a brief clarification of how the Realms affect Spirits.

Realms & Chimera - A clarification of how various Realms interact with Chimera, particularly in the Dreaming. Both this topic and the Realms & Spirits one were at one time hotly debated.

Canon Incompatible

New/Revised Kiths, Adhenes, Gallain, etc.

Lycanthrops - Were-creatures as a type of fae. A perspective different than that presented in either Werewolf: the Apocalypse, or the Changeling core book.


Dark (Ages) Arts - Changeling Arts and Realms, now with a Dark Ages: Fae twist. Also includes alot of other changes to the setting.

Dark (Ages) Arts (v2) - Changeling Arts and Realms, now with a Dark Ages: Fae twist. By popular demand this version is alot more canon compatible.


Ambient Glamour - Alternate methods for Changelings to gain Glamour, in this case from the environment rather than from specific individual humans.

Settings & Setting Elements

True Chrysalis - What if Changelings weren't fae spirits posessing human hosts? What if they were something different?

Shadows of a Dream - What if the Changeling Way ritual never became popular? Or the Resurgance? What if Fae were only occasional visitors to the Autumn World and instead Kinain played a greater role?

Recommended Reading


Mythic History: Conquest of Ireland - A short summary of the peopling of Ireland by various mythical groups, including the Formorians, Firbolg, and Tuatha De Danann.


Scattered Dreams - These pages pretty thorough introduction to many of the powers, character types, and other concepts involved involved in the Changeling universe. Also a handy reference guide.

The Right to Dream - The Right to Dream contains many supplimental rules and character sheets. But more importantly it contains quite a bit of erreta and some developer commentary for various officially published books.


White Wolf

I know that technically all canon material should really be recommended, however the books indicated below are the ones that have been most influential in creating [Umbral Domains] material. Books are listed in order of percieved importance:

Changeling: the Dreaming. 2nd ed. Lemke, Ian, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[1]

Dreams and Nightmares.Martin, R.S., Neil Mick, and Jim Moore. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[2]

Denizens of the Dreaming. Howard, Christopher, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1999.[3]

Players Guide. Brucato, Phil, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[4]

Changeling Storytellers Guide. Hunter, Mark, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1998.[5]

Kithbook: Nockers. Howard, Christopher, and Ethan Skemp. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[6]

The Enchanted. Kenson, Steve. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1997.[7]

Inanime: the Secret Way. Barret, Rob, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1998.

Other Books

The Broken Sword, Anderson, Poul

Little, Big, Crowley, John

Modern Classics of Fantasy, Ed. Dozois, Gardner (several stories closely relate to things fae)

Celtic Myths & Legends, Rolleston, T.W., Studio Editions Ltd, 1994

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