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[[Sephyr-Tavish | Sephyr Tavish]] played by strangebehviour
[[Sephyr-Tavish | Sephyr "Tav" Tavish]] played by strangebehviour
[[Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau | Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau]] played by jmucchiello
[[Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau | Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau]] played by jmucchiello

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House Rules




Sephyr "Tav" Tavish played by strangebehviour

Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau played by jmucchiello

Skinner played by aurebesh

Callister played by pstjmack

Rabbit played by Myth


Tenzing Noray played by geijhan

Advancement Triggers

  • Tav: A problem is resolved with firepower
  • Abigail: Trade one unit of cargo
  • Skinner: An injury has been sustained
  • Callister: Make a leap of faith (probably needs to be updated)
  • Rabbit: A needed item is scrounged up.

Experience Earned

  • Callister made a Leap of Faith


The Seven Stars

a Controlling Military Coalition. A group of planets that prefers a strong show of force to keep both its citizens and rivals in line.

The Order

The Order's purpose is to take care of the lost and forgotten, minister to the poor, and heal the sick. Since there are so many of those, members of the Order are parsimonious with their resources, not spending much on themselves. They provide training for their charges, helping them find careers as productive members of society, and charge them a fair price for it, to be paid out of future earnings.

The Invisible Hand

An Elite, Mercantile Alliance. An alliance of corporations, trade merchant guilds, and other mercantile concerns. They only admit into the alliance elite, established, posh members. The existence of the alliance is semi-secret (except in places where the "member" is a government focus on trade) in most places.