Uncharted Worlds:The Beating of a Thousand Wings

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Sephyr "Tav" Tavish played by strangebehviour

Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau played by jmucchiello

Callister played by pstjmack

Rabbit played by Myth

D'mitri "Doc" Lev played by brahnamin

Aulikki Kärkkäinen played by Atlictoatl


Tenzing Noray played by geijhan

Skinner played by aurebesh


Paula Sol-Withers
Paula was the acceptance agent for the repossession of the ship Turning Point. She is a relative of Ingrum Sol, the guy who sponsored the mission. When encountered at Rotgut station she is a Whitehead, addicted to White a sensory-overload via a vibe-helmet.
Trona Brederode
Back on his Secondary Ed stage of training with the Order, the student just ahead of Rabbit in the Rankings was Trona. He was the last of the Lead Cadre, and one of the few to spot Rabbit’s position in Mid Cadre as chosen, not due to inability.
They’d had a friendly rivalry, a brief flirtation, and a few passionate nights toward the end. But Trona had surged for a high-rank posting, and Rabbit held to the safe track, and they had gone their different ways.
Vidor Gou-Athenat
Rabbit's crew:
  • Miri Lithgouw
  • Tannoun Vish Young
  • Gillen Byat
  • Sansha van Kerk
  • Bouden Tolliver (deceased)
  • Moorkop

Advancement Triggers and Experence Earned

  • Tav: (Starfarer) A system is pushed to the limit
  • Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau:
  • Callister:
  • Rabbit: (Commercial) A rich resource is found
  • D'mitri Lev: A bold act fails spectacularly
  • Aulikki Kärrkäinen: (Military) an objective is taken by force
Episode 1 - The Repo Job Episode 2 - Pirate Station LEVEL UP Episode 3 - Wild-Jump/Planetfall Episode 4 - The Columbine LEVEL UP (mid episode) Episode 4 - The Columbine
Tav: A problem is solved with firepower 1 - Tav shot the turret in the engine room 4 - Tav shot his way out of a cargo pod


Tav: An injury is sustained 5 - Tav got skewered 9 - Callister got injured by Harvesters


Tav: A deal ends in betrayal. 15 - Lev and basilisk


Abigail: Trade one unit of cargo Abigail: A relationship changes dramatically (optional change) Abigail: A relationship changes dramatically (no change) 11 - Lev made a terrible deal
Callister: Make a leap of faith 2 - Callister leapt out of the ship Callister: A ludicrous stunt turns the tides Callister: A ludicrous stunt turns the tides (no change) 13 - Jet-boot rescue!
Rabbit: A needed item is scrounged up Rabbit: A needed item is scrounged up (no change) 6 - Rabbit scrounged parts for the Beowulf Rabbit: A rich resource is found 14 - Kärrkäinen discovers properties of local fauna
Skinner: An injury has been sustained 3 - Skinner took an injury from the ship defences Lev: A system's security is breached N/A 8 - Lev hacked the doors and stuff Lev: A statement starts or ends a fight 12 - Lev ended a fight (AI bargain, simultaneous with Abigail)
Kärrkäinen: A problem is resolved with firepower N/A 7 - So much dakka Kärrkäinen: A fascinating phenomenon is explained 10 - K explained the melty cages.
Episode 5 - The Death of Doctor Island
Tav: A system is pushed to the limit
Abigail: A difficult promise is upheld. 19 - Abigail let the murderous AI leave to greater universe
Callister: An intentional “accident” happens. 18 - Hyperdrive goes boom
Lev: an objective is taken by force (complete)

A bold act fails spectacularly

17 - happened a lot
Kärrkäinen: an objective is taken by force 16 - happened a lot


The Seven Stars

A Controlling Military Coalition. A group of planets that prefers a strong show of force to keep both its citizens and rivals in line. A large part of its forces are conscripted from "feeder worlds" where the population has little alternative but to serve, however it does also hire mercenaries.

Section 7

(Defiant Scientific Collective)

Within the Seven Stars is a mysterious collective of individuals who see with greater clarity the needs of humanity. They are not motivated by power or control, but by data and knowledge. The hegemony of the Seven Stars is a useful construct for providing stability, but humanity's greatness lies in its capacity for creativity and adaptation. Science is the conduit for humanity's achievement. Science is what distinguishes us from other forms of life. Science is our divinity.

One day soon, the Seven Stars coalition will become the infrastructural schematic for humanity to ascend to its true form and purpose.

The Order

The Order's purpose is to take care of the lost and forgotten, minister to the poor, and heal the sick. Since there are so many of those, members of the Order are parsimonious with their resources, not spending much on themselves. They provide training for their charges, helping them find careers as productive members of society, and charge them a fair price for it, to be paid out of future earnings.

  • Names As part of their Promary Training completion, novitiates of the Order take a use-name to signal their membership in the Order. These can be names of historical figured, mythological names, or names with ho pt\revious history.

The Invisible Hand

An Elite, Mercantile Alliance. An alliance of corporations, trade merchant guilds, and other mercantile concerns. They only admit into the alliance elite, established, posh members. The existence of the alliance is semi-secret (except in places where the "member" is a government focus on trade) in most places.

Custom Moves

Onboard the Columbine

When you tear apart a room on the Columbine, roll + Expertise

  • On 10+ You find a useful thing, no problem before the pursuit breaks in
  • On 7-9 You find a useful thing and choose 1
    • ...getting it eats up a resource (GM's call)
    • ...pursuit broke in on you

When you open a sealed door on the Columbine, roll plus Expertise/Physique

  • On 10+ you control the door and you spot the ambush
  • On 7-9 Choose one
    • ...you control the door
    • ...you spot the ambush

Episode 1: The Repo Job

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Episode 2: Triple-cross

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The Triple Conspiracy: Revern Massagen and Moscolin


Interlude: The Wild Jump

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Episode 3: Planetfall

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Episode 4: Death of the Columbine

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Episode 5: The Death of Doctor Island

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