Under a Blood Sky

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IC thread


Players and Characters

Madcat: Nosey Mike

Nosey Mike, Generally gets by being just useful enough to be worth keeping around. Had a bout of madness (visions of a cache of ancient knowledge) whilst trying to work out how an artifact of the TimeBefore worked, now seeks to find that cache.

Brute 1, Skulker 0, Erudite 2 Health 10 Inventory 8

Fighting 2d6+2 Wierd 2d6+3

Equipment [Firelighter, gadget, Rations, Tent] - stored in a backpack (Container), Nasty spiked club (brawling weapon) carried, warm cloak (worn)

Maya Qwan: Maya

Maya picture

The youngest member of her clan, Maya was undertaking the coming-of-age ritual Long Night by herself in the wilderness. When she returned, she found her family murdered and their possessions plundered. The extreme attention given to the dead bodies indicated this was something personal. But whoever it was, they had missed her, and they had missed the clan's most treasured artefact: the Starblade. A sword from the Old Times that was seemingly unbreakable with a blade that never dulled. Maya had carried this with her during her ritual - indeed she was learning the Way of the Sword from her grandfather, techniques passed down by word of mouth since the ancient era. Now she was alone.

Now she sought answers. Now she sought revenge.

Brute 2, Skulker 0, Erudite 1 Health 10 Inventory 8

Equipment Sword (carried in scabbard at her waist), gold coins, food ration, waterskin and roll-up tent (these four items carried in a pack - container - on her back).

Combat roll (2d6+4) Weird science roll (2d6)


A bandit chief wants to sell a water harvester during a plague. First she has to get it. It's in a ruined industrial complex. It's still running, so a stream of water flows from the complex. Is the water safe to drink? How will you obtain the harvester for the chief? Will she pay you for it?


Aeomic: A ruined city that faces the sunset over the brackish sea. Threatened by walktopi and bandits. Its king wants to buy the water harvester from the bandit chief. Dew Pawn Industrial Park: Where the water harvester is located, in the barren hills a day east from Aeomic. The Scumlands: wastelands between Aeomic and Dew Pawn I.P. Populated by monstrous lizards and slimefolk. Slimefolk: skinless, vicious bipedal ranines who are coated in protective pink photosynthetic slime.