Under a Blood Sky

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IC thread


Players and Characters

Madcat: Nosey Mike


Maya Qwan:


A bandit chief wants to sell a water harvester during a plague. First she has to get it. It's in a ruined industrial complex. It's still running, so a stream of water flows from the complex. Is the water safe to drink? How will you obtain the harvester for the chief? Will she pay you for it?


Aeomic: A ruined city that faces the sunset over the brackish sea. Threatened by walktopi and bandits. Its king wants to buy the water harvester from the bandit chief. Dew Pawn Industrial Park: Where the water harvester is located, in the barren hills a day east from Aeomic. The Scumlands: wastelands between Aeomic and Dew Pawn I.P. Populated by monstrous lizards and slimefolk. Slimefolk: skinless, vicious bipedal ranines who are coated in protective pink photosynthetic slime.