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A commentary by Prince Bleys on the Unsat.
''Ok, i preface this by saying the Unsat is a thing of Chaos.  I wholeheartedly discourage people from indulging in Unsat experiments how ever useful.
''First off the best way i can describe the experience is to relay a conversation heard in Chaos between two Unsat aficionados.
<blockquote>Lord Grxil, you look positively radiant!!  What do you credit your exquisite green pallor too?
Well, Lord FBgytbs, I Unsat as a rainbow for a few turns recently, just to get the color right.  Then i did an Unsat turn as an mushroom.
"I see, were those the giant hopping mushrooms of Ang Ri?  I detect the smell of them."
"Why yes it was, how observent of you to notice!"
"I recently Unsat as a Ang Ri stew pot so im still quite a bit sensitive to smells and tastes.'
"Temperatures to I would guess!"</blockquote>
So.... to Unsat is to assume emotionally and psychically as a object, animal, vegetable or mineral. One speaks of having Unsat as something, not to have been ''Unsatting''. Hard to believe but some people in Chaos are picky about their grammar.
The power to Unsat is easy to gain and is easy to transfer the effect to others once someone has gained the power.  Unsat Practitioners are a strange bunch but the practice has much too recommend it.  A person who has Unsat as a particular thing gains certain abilities intrinsic to the item for a short time and gains some residual experiences and appreciations.  Nothing powerful usually. 
*Usat as a tea kettle and one gains an appreciation of various teas and the effects of various temperatures.
*Unsat as a rock in a lava flow and one gains a sense of heat and sulfur and the powers of magma.
You get the point...
I mention this because the process is extremely popular in [[Ang Ri]] for commercial uses.  As rather suborn bush of a tree, often called an Unsat Tree, grows here, but when an intellect is Unsat in it the plant grows massively, as if an intellect in it makes it want to really give them and experience. The plant is extremely useful in many applications and is a common cooking plant.  Once the plant is totally rendered down the intellect is released unharmed of course.
In Ang Ri, people are paid to do time as Unsat Trees and for many its how they make their living. 
Chaos is weird.
==Powers and Initiations of the Unsat==
'''5 Pips:Personal Habitation.  '''
Allows a person to Unsat into other objects and maintain sentience and retain the ability to vacate.
'''15 Pips: Guided Habitation.  '''
Allows the initiate to guide others into an Unsat habitation.  This skill essentially imprisons a person though some function of will in the individual can break the habitation.  This skill is required of an individual managing an Unsat Tree plantation.
==Common Unsat Forms==
==='''Unsat Trees'''===
Found in regions close to Chaos the Unsat Trees are a tree that prospers greatly while it is inhabited by someone using the Unsat Power.  Without the habitation the plat is a small ground hugging bush with little value and no fruit.  When inhabited the plant sprouts greatly producing wide leaves used in many culinary manners.  Ang Ri has vast plantation of Unsat Trees and habitation of the trees is a major occupation.

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