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The artist now known as Sarabande was infected with the celestial harmonies while researching for the benefit of her patron; she had always been musically inclined, so they took to her mind with ease. Once she was released, she felt compelled to perform, and audiences found her eerily compelling...

Skills Domains
Deceive High Society
Compel Occult
(Magic to Cloud the Mind)



  • People flock to be near you. Once per session, so long as there are people nearby and a place to have it, you can create an instant gathering with dancing, games, drinking, eating and chatting. The party gives you mastery to persuade, deceive, or distract actions performed within it.


  • Black magic and poise let you become whoever they want you to be. Once per situation, choose an NPC. Using a cocktail of charm, practiced poise and semi-legal black magic, you change your appearance to represent their ideal partner. You don’t get to determine what this looks like – it’s entirely reliant on the person you’re targeting – and you can end the spell by scrubbing off whatever makeup you’ve applied and spending five minutes in front of a mirror remembering what you look like. Whatever your target prefers, you’ll always look like you. If they’re obsessed with tall people, you’ll look taller; if they like aelfir, you’ll look as though there’s some aelfir blood in you; if they’re mad about one particular person, you’ll resemble them (but not enough to, say, pass as them).


  • You are enigmatic in the extreme. +1 Reputation. In addition, the first time you meet someone who doesn’t know your name, you roll with mastery to Deceive or Compel them. Once they know your name or see you for a second time, the spell is broken.


  • You turn your enemies against each other with whispered curses. Make a Deceive+Occult roll and pick a target that can see and hear you. On a success, they will immediately inflict stress on their nearest ally equal to whatever weapon they’re holding (if any), believing them to be an enemy. If they don’t have an ally nearby, this spell doesn’t have any effect on them.


Unstrung Heroine Fanclub (street-level group) | Stress: 0

  • Prominent Fans: Wallflower, Violet, Stage Mouse
  • They're looking forward to her trippy, passion-inflaming performances reaching a new height of popularity. Especially in combination with mind-altering substances that are probably illegal and might be useful to use against the enemies of the ministry.


  • Several sets of flattering clothing
  • An enchanted violin
  • Small gifts and trinkets from your fans
  • A knife (D3, Concealable)


Refresh: Someone feels deeply moved when they witness your art.

Free Slots Resistances Stress
- Armour 0
- Blood 0
2 Shadow 0
1 Mind 0
1 Silver 0
3 Reputation 0