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Game Notes

Magical Burst

Hanagawa Yuu

No matter what the danger, no matter how dark it gets, how long the odds, I will fight. I will protect the world with my own two hands, even if everyone else gives in to despair. Even if I am betrayed, or tricked, or manipulated, I will prevail. With my friends by my side, there is nothing I can't do.

I will defeat the undefeatable. I will break the unbreakable. I will do the impossible.

I will do it all with a smile on my lips, no matter what.

Even if I'm killed, I won't die!

Because the hero... is me!

And heroes never die.

Name: Hanagawa Yuu (勇)
Magical Name: Shining Scarlet Meteor Yuu
Age: 16
Type: Never say die genki girl tomboy!
Reason: I want to protect people!
Wish: I want the power to protect everyone!

Element: Courage
Weapon: Gauntlets
Magical Power: Cheer! When people cheer her on, she can draw power from their cheers to keep on fighting!

Costume: Red sleeveless top, sort of like a stylized martial art gi, red bicycle shorts. Red armored gauntlets that cover her forearms. Red athletic shoes with red armored greaves. A red headpiece, kind of like an armored tiara. And a long red scarf, constantly blowing dramatically, even if there's no wind.

Normal Attributes: Charm 6, Insight 2, Tenacity 7
Magical Attributes: Magic 6 [Support], Heart 7 [Defense], Fury 6 [Attack]

Resolve: 21/21
Seeds: 4

Specialization: Knight

Magical Talents: Guardian [Knight], Reflector [Knight], Boost (3/3) [Base], Recover (2/2) [Base], Defensive Switch [Knight], Fight For Friends [Common]


  • Tier 1: +3 Resolve, +1 Heart, Tenacity +1
  • Tier 2: Second Wind [Knight] (1/1), Desperation [Knight/Attribute switch], +1 Recover per Episode
  • Tier 3: Finisher (Powerful), Courage Aura [Other Special/Priestess*

Permanent Changes

  • Theme Music
  • Mood Weather
  • Elemental Resonance

Crisis: Yuu's best friend is being stalked by a youma. She has to protect her!

Background: Yuu always loved hero shows. As a kid, she'd beg her parents to take her to live shows so she could cheer on the heroes. Even in middle school and highschool, she kept watching heroes shows and anime, and reading manga. She tried to form a Hero Appreciation Study Group in high school, but could only get her best friend, Mikoze Yui, to agree to join. She made her contract as soon as the tsukaima contacted her. If there were monsters threatening people, how could she not jump at the chance to become a hero!

She's athletic and tomboyish, with short hair and a lively smile. She use boku as her pronoun in normal form, and ore in her magical girl


OSRIC Borderlands Jahnk

Fighter, Lvl 2, 2291/1900 XP, +10% Exp Bonus

  Strength: 18/78 (+2/+4 +150 pounds, OD 1-4, BBLG 30%)
  Dexterity: 9
  Constitution: 13 (RD 90%, SS 85%)
  Intelligence: 7
  Wisdom: 8
  Charisma: 5 (MH 2 Loyalty -20% Reaction -15%)
 Combat Stats
  AC 3 (2 w/ shield) HP 13/13 THAC0: 19
  Move: 60'
  Bastard Sword: +3 2d4/2d8 +6
  Dart: +0 1d3/1d2 +4 Range 15'
  Club: +2 1d4/1d3 +4
  RSW: 16 BW: 17 DPP: 14 PP: 15 SP: 17
 Race and Class Abilities
  Stats: +1 Str and Con, -2 Cha
  Languages: Common, Orcish
  Infravision: 60'
  Base Move: 120'
  Age: 17
  Proficiencies: Bastard Sword (Specialized), Darts, Morningstar
 Fighter Abilities:
  Weapon Specialization: +1 hit +2 damage with chosen weapon, 3/2 attacks per round
  Bonus Attacks: 7th level 3/2, 13th level 2/1
  Fight the Unskilled: 1 attack per round per level against enemies of less than 1 HD.
 Encumbrance (127#):
 Bastard Sword (25gp 10#)
 5 Darts (1gp 2.5#)
 Club (2cp 3#)
 Plate Armor (400gp 45#)
 Medium Shield (12gp 8#)
 Backpack (2gp 10#)
 Bedroll (2sp 5#)
 Heavy Boots (2gp 5#)
 Cloak (3cp 2#)
 Belt Pouch, Large (4sp 2#)
 1 week Standard Rations (2gp 14#)
 Rope, Hemp 50' (1gp 10#)
 2 Sacks, Large (30 cp 2#)
 Waterskin (1gp 1#)
 Whetstone (2cp 0.5#)
 Crowbar (2gp 5#)
 Hammer (2sp 2#)
 Money (1.7#):
  PP: 0
  GP: 6
  EP: 0
  SP: 6
  CP: 5
  GP: 370
Stored Items:
 Studded Armor (15gp, 20#)
 Banded Armor (90gp 35#)



Keyed Vigenere
all the world is muken
the three truths lead to the distant shore


Element: Obsession
Power: Pinions
Magical Weapon: Black Feathers
Magical Effects: Healing Touch, Magical Strike
Finisher: Binding Attack(F) Pinion Nails
Normal Attributes: Sharp 7, Cool 6, Aggro 5, Social 3
Magical Attributes: Fury 7, Heart 6, Magic 5
Resolve: 18
XP: 5/6
Advances: 1-Heart+1
Element: Hope
Power: Million to One
Magical Weapon: M82A3 Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle
Magical Effects: Regeneration, Double Action
Finisher: Precise Attack(H) "Lucky Shot"
Normal Attributes: Sharp 7, Cool 5, Aggro 3, Social 6
Magical Attributes: Heart 9, Fury 5, Magic 4
Resolve: 18
XP: 0/0
Element: Cuteness
Power: Raging Heart
Magic Weapon: Toy Masamune
Magic Effect: Healing Touch, Magic Shield
Finisher: Barrage Attack (H) "Kawaiidiscope", Powerful Attack (H) "Heartbreaker"
Normal Attributes: Cool 6, Aggro 7, Sharp 5, Social 3
Magical Attributes: Heart 9, Fury 4, Magic 5
Resolve: 18
XP: 5/8
Advances: 1-Finisher
Element: Oblivion
Power: Gate of the Garden
Magic Weapon: Magic Wand/Scythe "All Fiction"
Magic Effect: Healing Touch "Nothing Happened!", Regeneration, "No Effect!"
Finisher: Binding Attack (M) "Nowhere to Go!", Powerful Attack (H) "Nothing Exists!"
Curse Power: Mu
Normal Attributes: Cool 9, Sharp 7, Social 6, Agro 3
Magical Attributes: Magic 9, Heart 8, Fury 5
Resolve: 22
XP: 50/50
Advances: 1-+1 Cool, 1-+1 Sharp, 1-+1 Magic, 1-+1 Heart. 1-+Finisher, 1-+4 Resolve
 2-+1 Cool, 2-+1 Social, 2-+1 Heart, 2-+1 Fury
Frost Flower/Souka
Element: Ice
Power: Stasis
Magic Weapon: Sword of the North Wind
Magic Effect: Magic Shield "Glacial Shield", Magical Strike, "Frost Bite"
Finisher: Binding Attack (M) "Freeze Solid", Powerful Attack (M) "Absolute Zero"
Curse Power: Convenient Thing
Normal Attributes: Cool 3, Sharp 7, Social 9, Agro 6
Magical Attributes: Magic 9, Heart 8, Fury 5
Resolve: 22
XP: 50/50
Advances: 1-+1 Social, 1-+1 Sharp, 1-+1 Magic, 1-+1 Heart. 1-+Finisher, 1-+4 Resolve
 2-+1 Social, 2-+1 Agro, 2-+1 Heart, 2-+1 Fury
Nadie/Asura Zero
Element: Narrative
Power: Speed of Plot
Magic Weapon: Six-Shooters
Magic Effect: Swift Action, Double Action, Healing Touch, Magical Boost (Fury),
 Magic Shield, Magic Strike, Regeneration
Finisher: Barrage Attack (F) 30 Pieces, Binding Attack (F) Four Nails,
 Debilitating Attack (F) Bloody Spear, Piercing Attack (F) Golgotha Tree,
 Powerful Attack (F) Iscariot Bullet, Precise Attack (F) Marked for Death
Curse Power: Original Sin
Normal Attributes: Cool 11, Agro 10, Sharp 9, Social 7
Magical Attributes: Magic 11, Fury 13, Heart 9
Resolve: 79
XP: 250/250
Advances: 50

MaShouRo Notes


A Familiar that empowers Mahou Shoujos. Black, short hair, with yellow eyes.
'Sleeper Beneath the Waves that Dreams of Dreams Beyond Death'
A Familiar, but opposed to Kanzoutsukamu. It speaks with contempt and an insulting tone. 
Fluffy gray with blue eyes.
'Weaver in the Darkness that Spins Webs Between Worlds'
It's responsible for the existence of Maou Shoujos.
A Familiar, it seems to be junior to Kanzoustukamu. It speaks politely, but nervously.
'Unspeakable Sovereign Clad in Raiments of Gold'
Short white hair, purple eyes.
A familiar, from the Benedicite factions. It speaks in a very casual manner, like a California surfer dude.
Prefers to be called 'Radical Flame' or 'Cathuga'.
'Living Flame That Devours All Creation'
thai cat
A calico cat Familiar, with one blue eye, one green eye, and one amber eye. Killed shortly after its birth.
'Black Goat Who Dwells in the Dark Wood With A Thousand Young'
The first familiar, The Ultimate Void Who Dwells At the Center Of All, Azathoth. Enforces the pact. Extremely alien mindset.
Takes the form of a massive white tiger with three void-black eyes.
Bubbleheaded blond american reporter for the LA Times, in Ro on assignment. Actually a cover.
She's not actually American, but rather an ex-East German Stasi agent. She's a naturally occurring maou
shoujo, she wasn't awoken by a Familiar. Her demonic patron is the Creeping Chaos With a Thousand Faces.
Her maou shoujo name is 'Hero With A Thousand Faces'.
Cousin of the Abrego from the show. A lifetime #2, he has no ambition to rise higher and risk his neck.
Currently managing the Colombian cartels operations in Ro while is cousin is back in Colombia being debriefed
Zhao Jun
Evil Maou Shoujo from the PRC. Not empowered by Kanz. Fanatically loyal to the Party. In Ro to cause chaos
and disrupt the stable equilibrium between Bala and Chang, to create a vacuum that the PRC can fill
giving it a pipeline into the occult
John Carpenter
CIA agent acting as a mole within the NSA. The NSA is trying to supplant the CIA supported Church.
JC piggybacked on their operation as a way to smuggle in a summoning tome to the Church.
The Church is trying to add occult weapons to their business portfolio. He's also a member of Sapientes Gladio.
Akara Amattayakul
Small time independent smuggler/pirate/hitman/oddjobs
Guillaume Le Pen
Vietnamese, but non-Asian, descended from the French colonizers. Works for Huy Tran. Primary contact
between Zhao Jun and Huy Tran.
Huy Tran
Small time Vietnamese pirate, being used by the PRC in its plot to destabilize Ro


Goat House
Colombian restaurant, Abrego's HQ
Just in Time Curry House
Janjai's restaurant. Riri works there.
La Colonial
French cuisine nightclub/restaurant. Somchai works there.
The Nameless Restaurant
A restaurant that lost its sign long ago. Good food, and a favorite of locals who know to find it.
Pyramid Club
The Pyramid Club has the pretensions of being Roanapur's Casablance. The reality is that it's a gilded
facade over the same rot that permeates the city. It's a combination nightclub/brothel/casino, and a 
favorite of the higher ranked members of the Roanapur Police when they're off duty. Sometimes even when
they're on duty. Technically it falls within the Triads' territory though they're not the ones actually
running it. Most of the factions keep an eye on it, since it's a good honeypot to attract agents of powers
from beyond Roanapur, who mistake it for an actual hub of wheeling and dealing. It, of course, has a
faux Egyptian motif.

The Broken Universe

Sable Dragoon Chiyoko

  • Name: NAKAHARA [仲原] Chiyoko [知世子]
  • Mahou Shojo Name: Sable Dragoon

Basic Info

  • Girl Type: Driven Warrior
  • Reason: I want to protect the girl I love. I have to find a way to fix everything.
  • Wish: I have no wish. That's a lie. I have to atone for what I've done. I have to find a way to fix things.
  • Crisis: I saw something in an abandoned building I was exploring. I broke the world and doomed the girl I love to immortality.
  • Element: Nothingness
  • Weapon: Sword
  • Power: Nightmare
  • Costume: Black armor, dark blue dress, steel visor.


  • Magical Attributes: Magic 9 [Attack] Heart 4 [Defense] Fury 8 [Support]
  • Normal Attributes: Tenacity 9 Insight 7 Charm 2
  • Resolve: 21/21


  • Minor Distortions:
  • Major Distortions:
  • Temporary Changes:
  • Permanent Changes: [Magic] Graphical Glitch, [Fury] Bloody Eyes, [Fury] Weather Phenomenon


  • Specialty: Witch/Reaper
  • Talents
    • Basic/General: Boost (F, 3/S, 1:V), Recover (NC, 2/E), Shield (--, 1-3:S). Inflict (F, 1/S, 1:A), Purge (m, 1/S), Teleport (m, 1/S, 1:S)
    • Witch/Reaper: Hex (m 1/R), Cruel Reaper (+1 dam all atks), Blast Strike (M, 1:A), Killing Blow (M, 1:A), Drain Life (F, 1:A), Second Chance Attack (m, 1/S), Reaping Strike (m, 2/S), Rough Going (m, 1:A), Magic Detonation (M, 1:A)
    • Other: [Knight] Regeneration (F, 1/E), [Finishing Move] Barrage (M, 1/E, 1:A)


  1. [T1] +1 to Magic
  2. [T1] +1 to Fury
  3. [T1] +3 to Resolve
  4. [T2] New Common talent: Inflict
  5. [T2] New Witch talent: Drain Life
  6. [T2] New Common talent: Purge
  7. [T3] Advanced Specialization: Reaper
  8. [T3] Finishing Move: Barrage
  9. [T3] New Common talent: Teleport
  10. [T2] New Witch talent, can rearrange combat stats: Second Chance Attack (no change)
  11. [T1] +1 Tenacity
  12. [T3] New Talent from any Specialization: [Knight] Regeneration
  13. [T1] +1 Tenacity
  14. [T1] +1 Insight
  15. [T1] +1 Insight
  16. [T3] New Witch Talent: Rough Going
  17. [T3] New Witch Talent, can rearrange combat stats: Magic Detonation (no change)
  18. [T1] +1 to Fury, can rearrange combat stats (no change)



Nakahara Chiyoko had an unfortunate nickname in middle school, "Arechi", formed from the sounds of her name and meaning "wasteland" due to her love of exploring modern ruins and looking at photographs of desolate places. But she didn't mind. If people left her alone, it gave her more time gaze at the wondrous beauty that was Touyama Nao, one of her fellow classmates. Besides, as a half-foreigner (her mother is from Iceland), she often felt like an outsider anyway.

Her idyllic life changed when, one day, she was exploring an abandoned shopping mall. She saw something when she wandered into a particularly dim section. Everything around her became familiar, but unfamiliar, distorted. She walked for what felt like days until she came upon a bizarre creature that seemed busy doing some unfathomable task. She ran, but was unable to escape. Fortunately for her a tsukaima, Pippo, found her and led her out of the Nightmare. When is asked if she could help it with its tasks, she quickly agreed. If there were such things in the world, she'd need power to protect her beloved Touyama Nao if anything happened.

Over a year or so, she helped Pippo, fighting daemons that had started to run amok, collecting oblivion seeds as she did. Then her worst fear happened. A daemon entrapped Touyama Nao in its nightmare, and killed her. In a blind rage, she killed the daemon. And claimed her thirteenth oblivion seed. Overcome with grief, she made her wish. She wished that the girl she loved, Touyama Nao, be alive, and that no daemon could ever affect her.

About a year and a half since she made her contract she's a changed girl. Before she was whimsical, now she's driven and intense. She transfered to a high school in Shinohara, following Nao who had to move when her father got a new job. Chiyoko now lives with her aunt and uncle, who aren't sure what to make of the new her. She still hunts daemons, with even more fervor than before.

Double Cross

Satou Yui

Basic Data

AliceSara-Satou yui.jpg
  • Name: SATOU Yui
  • Code Name: Snake Charmer
  • Age: 16
  • Sex: Female
  • Work: 2nd Year High School Student
  • Cover: 2nd Year High School Student
  • Breed: Crossbreed
  • Syndrome(s): Chimera; Solaris
  • Awakening: Death
  • Impulse: Torture
  • Origin: Stable household
  • Experience: Common life
  • Encounter: Peer (Ohka Mikoto)
  • Body: 4
  • Mind: 2
  • Sense: 2
  • Social: 4
  • Max HP: 30
    • Current HP: 30
  • Initiative: 6
  • Move/Dash: 11m/22m
  • Base Encroachment: 33
    • Current Encroach: 33
  • Stock Points: 8
  • Savings Points: 5
  • Skills
    • [Body]-<Melee> 2
    • [Body]-<Dodge> 1
    • [Body]-<Ride: Two Wheels> 1
    • [Mind]-<Renegade Control> 2
    • [Mind]-<Will> 1
    • [Sense]-<Perception> 1
    • [Social]-<Negotiation> 1
    • [Social]-<Info: Rumor> 1
    • [Social]-<Info: Academics> 1

Observed Powers

Power Syndrome Level/Max Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroach Restrict Effect
Warding Common 1/1 Auto - Auto Scene View 0 - All non-Overeds in scene become Extras. Overeds sense use of Warding.
Resurrect Common 1/3 Auto - Auto Self Close HP <100% Incapacitated or Scene ends. Heal [LV]D HP.
Concentrate: Solaris Common/Solaris 1/3 Major Syndrome - - - 2 - Any check that uses this power gains -[LV] Critical Value bonus (min 7).
Reaming Claw Chimera 1/10 Minor - Auto Self Close 3 - For the duration of the scene, user's fists become Type Melee Skill Melee Acc 0 Atk Power +[LV+8] Guard 1 Range Close.
Dragon Scales Chimera 2/2 Reaction - Auto Self Close 3 - In exchange for taking an attack, gain +[LV x 10] [Armor] stat bonus vs the attack, cumulative with equipped armor. May not be combined with other powers.
Irresistible Words Solaris 2/5 Major Negotiation Opposed Single View 2 - Make a ranged attack; if it hits, for the duration of the scene, the target will take a -[LV] dice penalty toward all checks.
Corrosive Fingertip Solaris 2/5 Major Melee or Ranged Opposed Single Weapon 2 - If an attack that uses this power hits, for the duration of the scene the target takes a -[LV x 5] [Armor] stat penalty (min 0).

Stocked Equipment

Bicycle (1), leather jacket (2), cell phone, accessory, casual wear, school uniform


Name: Leather Jacket Type: Armor Dodge: - Initiative: - Armor: 2

Background Data

Satou Yui was an ordinary 2nd year high school girl. She had ordinary grades. Three ordinary friends. An ordinary mother, father, and younger brother. She was neither popular nor unpopular, stylish or unstylish, beautiful or ugly. She didn't have a boyfriend, but that's wasn't out of the ordinary either. She wasn't smart or dumb, strong or weak, fast or slow. She worried mostly about ordinary things, she had some ordinary secrets (mostly). She was generally cheerful, but not in a way that was out of the ordinary. She was a member of an ordinary club, the literature club. She had ordinary dreams (mostly).

Then she died. Then things weren't ordinary anymore. Then people that looked like monster and monsters that looked like people fought. Then she wasn't dead. Then the burning poison in her veins didn't hurt. Then she wasn't ordinary anymore, either.

Relationship Data

Name Lois/Titus Emotion Relationship Description
SATOU Yukiko* Lois Love*/Inferiority Mother Yui's mother is kind-hearted, loving woman, who cares deeply about her children and her husband. She's not overly protective, preferring to trust Yui to come to her if Yui ever got into some kind of trouble. Yui loves her father and younger brother too, but she's closest to her mother.
KICHIDA Emi* Lois Affinity*/Jealousy Classmate One of the group of three fellow classmates Yui hangs out with, and the one she considers her friend. The girls in the group besides her knew each other in middle school. Emi invited Yui to join their group for lunch one day, and they became friends.
SATOU Matsuri* Lois Euphoria*/Shame Secret Crush The girl that Yui is madly in love with. She's a fellow second year, but in a different class. Yui fell in love the moment she saw the tall, boisterous, yet somehow elegant, beauty, and joined the Literature Club so she could spend time with her. She keeps her love a secret since she doesn't want to get rejected, and besides a girl loving another girl wouldn't be ordinary. Since they share the same name (but are not related), sometimes Yui fantasizes that they're married.