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Alvah a character i (Amber) play within the jeweled road setting and campaign of Tolknor.

I keep a active journal for my character here Alvah's Journals

My character sheet is the following link Running Sheet Alvah

Stories i wrote of possible starting characters:
A burned flameA skilled weaver loses all and prays to someone unknown.

How she escaped a dying world This became the character Running_Sheet_Vasilla

Birgit WarzonePost apocalyptic war world Birgit trying to survive.

TheShimmeringEndA twin surviving in a world slowly turning titanium.

AlexandraDejana This became Alexandra for the Tazilwere ACNW game
Alexandra-Tazilere Continuing her as an active character within the campaign.

A_fleet_on_the_horizon A story of a world doomed and a quest for the head of someone.

Running from Sanctuary

Abandoning ship

Vek taking Alvah on a Old Mink trip
Alvah's first song
Alvah's pregnancy scare