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The world is bathed in shit. Life is hard and only getting harder. Men, women, and even children lie to themselves and others in an effort to make it bearable but beneath it all there exists a truth. An insight that once glimpsed changes a person's world forever.


There is a hidden conflict in the world. Behind masks of civility, within corporate offices and political parties, exist ancient monsters. Demons, vampires, devotees of malevolent deities and worse prey continue to prey upon humanity. Only those who have seen the truth can hope to combat these foul beings.


Once called wizards, witches, prophets and saints those who have seen beyond the veil which conceals the transcendental truths of the world from the mass of humanity have the power to change the world through force of will. Their path is a dangerous one though. They will be considered mad by their fellows and hunted by the mortal minions of their foes. And though they have derived great strength from their vision, they are far from invulnerable.

The Minor Arcana

There are four major factions among the awakened.


Staves, Rods, Clubs, Peasants

The wands seek to protect the innocent. They involve themselves directly in the battle with the forces of darkness. Wands have an affinity for Creativity, Energy, and Fire, but are often noted for their blunt approach to things.


Coins, Diamonds, Merchants

The pentacles seek to gain advantage over their enemies by controlling resources. Merchants are often accused of being short sighted because of their obsession with wealth and objects, but this is an oversimplification. Pentacles have an affinity for the Material Body, Possessions, and Earth.


Chalices, Hearts, Clergy

The cups hold that there is a greater hand at work in the universe and that this force, the exact nature of which is often debated among the clergy, has empowered the awakened to aid mankind. Hearts are often tasked with guiding the newly awakened. Cups have an affinity for Emotions, Love, and Water.


Spades, Nobility, Soldiers

The swords wish to bring the fight to the enemy. They are the most driven of the four factions and they seek to incite others to follow them with great fervor. Swords have an affinity for Reason, Will, and Air.

The Others

Not all of the awakened accept their new station in life. Some want to forget what they've learned and return to their old lives. Others see the power that they have gained as an end unto itself and they wish only to become more powerful. Still others become servants of unspeakable monsters.

The Major Arcana

The minor arcana seldom achieve more than a basic understanding of the power that they have gained. These abilities surpass what any normal human can achieve in life, but are only a fraction of what the awakened are truly capable of. A few do reach this transcendent state though. These men and women traditionally abandon their name and take on the guise of one of the Major Arcana.

Very few awakened ever attempt to reach the Major Arcana. The hazards are substantial. Seeking greater power attracts the attention of many beings that wish to deny it to humanity as well as the jealousy of other awakened.

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