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Currently Playing

Build A Universe Where a bunch of gods from different places build a universe together. I am playing [ Argotyorn} a god of hunger and vermin who is determined to grow past his limitations and bring a world of plenty into existence.

Order of the Watchtower A city of mist game where we protect our city from mystical threats. I am Playing Garry aka BlueRain A burned out fireman who has taken up the mantle of a magical girl.


Mare In The High CastleA alternative time line my little pony friendship is magic. In which I played Mutter a courier and underground member

[BESM 3rd] Mage Brigade! A magic is summoned universe wher we play a fairy tail style guild in Austin. Where I played Rick Kay a Fox kin shadow wielder.

Highwind Adventures on the-Cloudsea A final fantasy style game ran in finalfantasyd20 on a fragmented realm. Where I player

Masks the Proving Ground A simple masks game where I played Biomass a boy who is now in control of an alien body that only wishes to consume and grow.


Ran these

Player in the games of and Ran games Supers of leyline island

Hoped to run FATE in the stars

Played in ended games Mythic Fate a JRPG and Ironclaw fur and fury PBP games.