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Available for games: Fridays and Saturdays.

Look for me at the Source most saturdays around noon or so.

Wiki contributions

City of Heroes

Character Name Archetype Powers Level Server Supergroup
Lady Snowstorm Magic Ice-Ice Blaster 12 Virtue None

World of Warcraft

My World of Warcraft characters are:

Character Name Race Class Level Professions Server Guild
Constanz Human Warrior 41 Miner/Blacksmith Feathermoon Vanguards of Azeroth
Gorahkar Orc Hunter 13 Skinner/Leather Kirin Tor Blacksky Company

My availability times for WoW are generally during the evening, from 8:30 PM to whenever I go to bed, Central Time; on weekends I'm usually available from mid-afternoon to bedtime but erratically. I try to be on each server on an alternating day schedule, though sometimes I do consecutive days in one character or another, depending on workload and plans for that character.