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My Campaigns and Settings


The Strays of Heaven

The Wild Hunt


Axes of the Northlands

Demon Hunters of Eldorn

Land of the Seasons

On Barbarous Coasts

Savage Justifiers

The Savage Sun

Wee Heroes


Project Beta

Freeport 5e

The Impossibility Seekers

Red Hand of Doom

Trouble Bruin

My Characters


Finn MacReady, the Silver Fang (Storm Shadows)

Lossewen (The Sunless Citadel)

Siid (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)

"Strum" (The Isle of Storms)


Borgar Silverfist (Savage Tide)

Henry Dorgan

Infernus, Lord of Fire

Jonnalyn Silver

Kav Wildspeaker

Kreelis (Children of the Sea)

T'lurra Grace-of-Mind

Ouko (Your Sandaled Stride)

Cathal Arthmael (Hairs to the Republic)

Burl Oakroot (The Broken Crown)

Other Useful Stuff

SWADE Charsheet

D&D 5e Charsheet

3e/PF Charsheet

Talisman's Scratch Pad Do Not Eat