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Tolknor Scripter In some realms this and in some realms that. Primarily a King of Amber Fallen, King of Plymoth Broken, etc...

Here though, Tolknor is the nick of Michael Watson.

I began gaming in 1975. Few games i hadn't played up till 1997 when i left the industry.

My BA is in History.

Amber Diceless Role-playing is my favorite game. Find my entries here under Jeweled Amber & Diners of Amber

I am always eager to talk games, especially ADRPG

Other favorites were:


AD&D or Warlock-an AD&D produced by Balboa Games and the Caltech Gaming Society


Warhammer 40k


Fire & Fury-15mm American Civil War

Ogre Miniatures



I hate card games. Except for Illuminati i detest Magic the Gathering and its million of imitators.

I can be found on Facebook.