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  • Class: Magic-Binder (Sorcerer)
  • Level: 2 (Seer)
  • Experience Points: 2,500​/5,000
  • Total Hit Points: 6
  • Combat Bonus: +1
  • Armor Class: 8 (Unarmored + Dex)
  • Movement: 9" (Light 3/5) or 12" (Unencumbered 2/2)
  • Money:

awarded xp



  • Strength 11
  • Intelligence 16 (+2)
  • Wisdom 08 (-1)
  • Dexterity 14 (+1)
  • Constitution 09
  • Charisma 06 (-1)

Special Abilities


  • Stealth +1


  • Common
  • Goblin

Class Abilities



V'kasst is one of the Others, a tribe of creatures that are not of the goblins, but are allied to them. Standing around 5' in height, and pudgy of frame, V'kasst covers themselves at all times in a thick, dark hooded robe. What can be seen of their features reveals doughy, near-translucent skin that shows traces of the bone, muscle, and veins underneath. V'kasst has just three fingers and a thumb on their hands, and gives off a wet, musky odor when in adrenalized situations. Their voice is soft, full of hissing sounds, and sounds as though they are always consumed by grief.




Item Location Notes
darts x3 Belt Range 10/20/30, 1 Encumbrance
backpack Back 1 Encumbrance
coinpurse Backpack
water skin Backpack
iron rations Backpack 1 week's food
50' rope Backpack
grappling hook Backpack
stakes (3) and mallet Backpack
flask of oil Backpack
empty large sacks x3 Backpack
slingbag Shoulder 1 Encumbrance
trap-making parts Slingbag

- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve