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This is where the fans of Warframe on VGO can talk about the best way to play with the stuff you get--Warframes in particular, but also weapons and other stuff. Note that this is not where to find things like secrets, stats, or mission walkthroughs... those are very well covered by the Warframe Wiki.

General Info


Most frames have both a normal version and a Prime version; the normal version you can get through normal play, while the Prime versions come from parts that show up in Relics, requiring they be unlocked by collecting Void Fissures in the appropriate missions... and hoping you get lucky. (See Missions section.) In general, the Prime version of a Warframe works just like the non-prime version, including Abilities, but are just generally better in their stats.

  • Ash/Ash Prime
  • Atlas/Atlas Prime
  • Hildryn


    • Hildryn is a frame difficult to acquire 'naturally', as her parts require a fair amount of relatively high-level grinding. However, if you're starting out and don't mind buying her with platinum, she may be very useful to a new player. She is tanky, much like Rhino, but unlike most Warframes she does not use energy. All of her abilities are powered by her shields. Until you have mods that allow you to more easily manage your energy, this can allow you to get used to Warframe abilities as her shields will recharge. (It worked for me!)
    • Her #1, Balefire, gives you an alternate built-in weapon that uses her shields for ammunition. While useful (especially on missions that restrict type of weapon but permit Warframe abilities), it's not an ability you need to focus on unless you really enjoy it.
    • Her #2, Pillage, is your new best friend. Hildryn emits a wave that strips shields and armor off nearby foes, and restores her shields. Many otherwise difficult enemies become much easier to manage if you remove their armor. Sadly, Infested enemies tend to have less armor and no shields, so they are more difficult to deal with as Hildryn. But see later!
    • Her #3, Haven, works in concert with Pillage to truly kick things up. Not only will it restore the shields of your squad (and your companions, if you have any), but it also damages enemies.
    • Her #4, Aegis Storm, creates an area which holds enemies in place while you can use your Balefire charger on them. While a useful last-ditch crowd-control measure, you'll probably get more use out of the limited flight it grants you than anything else until you master the parkour-style movement of the game.
    • As a special note, the Blazing Pillage augment mod (purchasable if you do work for Cephalon Suda or the Perrin Sequence) helps patch the hole in her kit regarding infested. Enemies within your Haven area will take damage and restore extra shields when hit with Pillage, even if they would not otherwise do so!
  • Rhino/Rhino Prime

Lord Knockwood the Mad (talk) 23:20, 19 July 2021 (PDT)

    • Needless to say, a very tanky Warframe, heavily armored and built to wade into battle and draw fire. Its tank qualities are offset slightly by Rhino's slow speed.
    • Rhino's #1 ability, Rhino Charge. moves Rhino forward a short distance, and any enemies hit are knocked down and take damage. This is a good way to get enemies off of vulnerable characters--or just make an entrance, if you forgot to bring the dip. :)
    • Rhino's #2 power Iron Skin functions as an extra layer of armor, with the advantage that it also bounces a number of special attacks, including knockdowns, staggers, and energy drains. It also grants invulnerability for 1.5-3 seconds, so this is a good power to activate when beset by enemies.
    • Rhino's #3 ability Roar is a basic damage buff for you and your party.
    • Rhino's #4 power, Rhino Stomp, is a PBAoE effect that damages nearby characters and immobilizes them for a few seconds. Very good as a save-your-ass move.