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This is the wiki for the DramaSystem game, Valar Dohaeris. This is a game of intrigue around House Meryn, set in a world following the style of the Game of Thrones series in the Westeros of A Song of Ice and Fire with the serial numbers filed off.

Dramatis Personae

  • Lord Meryn
    • Who Desires Stability
    • And Struggles Between Strength and Compassion
  • Lady Fianna
    • Who Desires Acceptance
    • And Struggles Between Exclusion and Assimilation
  • Lamont
    • Who Desires Respect
    • And Struggles Between Freedom and Responsibility
  • Gargan
    • Who Desires Wealth
    • And Struggles Between Greed and Virtue
Precedence Order
  • Episode Proposal - Gargan (Captain Astounding), Lamont (Furmyr), Lady Fianna (Threlicus), Lord Meryn (DeeperThanSwords), GM (witamous)
  • Second Episode - Gargan (Captain Astounding), Lord Meryn (DeeperThanSwords), Lamont (Furmyr), Lady Fianna (Threlicus), GM (witamous)
Relationship Map

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Recurring Characters
  • Rill
    • He desires power, but tries to find a balance between influence and loyalty. He was friends with Lamont in their reckless youth, and is a rival with Gargan for influence of the players in House Meryn. A man with chain has been spying in the background, is the Maester?
  • Pirin Vadis
    • Younger son of Lord Marten Vadis
    • Killed Lamont's horse and horribly injured his squire
  • Ksanya Vadis
    • Eldest daughter of the Vadis
    • Involved in Fianna's Rituals
    • Betrothed to Lamont
  • Hiram Vadis
    • Knight (Relationship to Marten?) of the Vadis
    • In a relationship with Fianna on the sly
Minor Characters
  • Marten, Lord Vadis
    • Important Bannerman of Lord Meryn
Named Houses
  • Vadis
    • Bannermen of House Meryn
  • Greyfort
    • Bannermen of House Meryn, but on the border with Meryn's rivals.
  • Robestin
    • Fianna's birth House, tremendously wealthy, following a somewhat different interpretation of the Seven.

Places, Organizations

  • Kenton
    • Site of the Grand Sept, center of the Church