Vance, son of Delwin

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The Book with the cards says"Will he? nill He? the child of whimsy" Vance

  • Son of Delwin
  • Grandson of Oberon
  • Commanding Admiral of Amber Star Fleet
  • Lieutenant of Benedict of Amber
  • King of Vulsara


Vance is a child of Delwin who abandoned his father at the age of 22. He manged to walk the pattern and flee into shadow. In shadow he found many way to keep busy, including centuries of baseball, warfare and spy-craft. He is a friendly man, open and excited.

Previously he was Admiral of the Amber Star Fleet. His personal warship is a Defiant Class vessel called the Lollipop. It is armed extra heavy and specially fitted to manage shadowtravel at warp speeds. He also organized the Amber Bolo Attack Force that is based in the southern hemisphere of Vulsar Base.

LolipopA.jpg Amber bolo1 Primus sm2.jpg Zipps2.jpg Vancebike.jpg