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Greenbridge barony is one of the northermost baronies in the lands of the ven. Most other ven despise the bitter winter cold of the area saying that Tzao is crazy to tempt Shanri so, but the truth is the province is largely sheltered from the worst of the frigid weather by the natural valley the Whitepine Range creates.

  • Greenbridge Manor
    • Castle 1 - The seat of power in the Greenbridge Barony. It is built into the foothills of the Whitepine Range.
  • Hamath
    • Village 1 - Greenbridge Manor overlooks a broad valley, nestled in the base of which is Hamath village. The Hamathinel, a small river spring from the mountains feeds the town's irrigation and millwrights' needs. Leather goods are the town's chief export.
  • Goodberry Farmsteads
    • Farm 1 - Spreading out from Hamath village is a patchwork of farmhouses and ranches that provide food for the surrounding area.
  • Redmere Wildwood
    • Forest 1 - Covering the rolling hills that climb quickly to become the heights of the Whitepine Range is Redmere Wildwood. A lush new growth forest with thickly pocketed woods that cover the hills and the base of the range right up to to the rim of the mountains themselves where the frigid climate beats back the forest into scrub land and eventually barren white-topped peaks.
  • Whitepine Range
    • Mountains 1 - The mountain range in Greenbridge barony is the dominating feature. The mountains are craggy, tall and dramatic. Rich mines and quarries are ripe for exploitation and ready to provide the building blocks of the barony. Menowyn is the tallest peak in the chain. It rears like a giant steed thousands of feet above Greenbridge Manor. There are rumors of ancient holds in the fastness of the mountains which hide great treasures. No one has ever survived a trek into the range to confirm or deny these stories.
  • The Amber Grasses
    • Plains 1 - Beyond the farmlands surrounding Hamath village is a long stretching plain of golden undulating meadows. The fertile land is perfect for the growing of many wild herbs and grape orchards of many varieties. The water from the Hamathinel slows and branches into numerous creeks and springs making the land well-irrigate and suited to excellent growing seasons.
  • Baranduin Strand
    • Shoreline 1 - The Hamathinel eventually winds its way to a large inland lake at the end of the valley, the Hamathinien. Along the sandy shores are a number of settlers in a small fishing village that is not quite large enough to produce anymore than what it needs to survive (and pay it's tribute to Baron Andrente.) The natural bay here though is very useful for trade as the lake feeds a wide river which flows into the Southlands as a major artery throughout the ven lands.


It is said that just a year or so after Tzao received his barony he was beset by brigands raiding his village and farmlands. Tzao has his own pet theories about where these miscreants came from, but has been unable to fully discern their origins. During the season when the raids were at their height a band of common adventurers passed through Greenbridge province and offered to see to the brigands for a price. Tzao was unsure whether he should entrust such a task to vagrants but decided to see if he could make use of them. The vagabonds acquitted themselves surprisingly well in dispatching the brigands and bringing their leader to the feet of Greenbridge Manor (sadly the leader had been killed in the action and could not be questioned.) After their success, Tzao made an offer to the travelers, stay in his employ in the barony and perform whatever tasks they were best suited for. The commoners agreed and now make up the largest portion of the who's who of Tzao's vassals.

  • Ashla Yvarai Cavala
    • Spouse 3 - For those who have not met her, rumor has it that Ashla is a stunningly beautiful woman whose marriage with Tzao was considered a masterstroke of political maneuvering. Her father, while having no lack of ambition, never managed to rise above the rank of Baron himself and maintains relatively meager holding for one approaching his Solace years. He passed his ambition on to his daughter and managed to marry her off to the offspring of two of the most well-respected Marquis in the realm.
  • "The Balance"
    • Roadmen 1 - Among the remnant of adventuring band was a young warrior named Omin Dran. His martial prowess and leadership skills were key in the defeat of the Redmere brigands. As some of other members from the troupe have moved on to other assignments within the barony, Tzao has hired a number of underriders to serve Omin in patrolling the countryside and maintaining the peasants sense of security; after all, happy peasants are productive peasants.
  • "The Sextant"
    • Spy Network 3 - Karheel Brinn arrived with the adventurers as something of a second-story man. His specialty, before coming to Greenbridge, had been daring thefts (the details of which Tzao purportedly knows nothing). His particular set of skills had proven invaluable during the routing of the Redmere brigands. As such, his abilities with gathering (and keeping) secrets and espionage were quickly turned toward the security of the Baron Andrente's realm.
  • "The Rod"
    • Staff 3 - The house staff is managed by Calik, the house steward. Calik was a 'gift' from his parents. He acted as Tzao's valet and mentor while he was growing up and the two have a very close bond. When Tzao received his own barony, Calik's service was transferred to the new Baron Tzao Andrente. Calik runs a tight ship and all of the goings on within the manor are known to him.
  • "The Lute and Lyre"
    • Artisan (Bard) 1 - Another member of the adventuring party to dispatch the Redmere brigands, Fiona Wellesley is a multi-talented artist who specializes in songs and music. She has a broad (if relatively superficial) knowledge of all the arts (which Tzao often calls upon), but her specialty is music and song from the great operas. She also acts as a tutor to Tzao in the arts, even though he often makes for an infuriating pupil.